Bleeding Soul

My soul bleeds no more

I don’t cry anymore.

My eyes weep no more.

He who was mine,

is a distant memory now.

And I don’t dream of him,

every day, anymore.


I Miss him a lot,

and love him like crazy.

But ever since he left,

without looking back.

I’ve tried to walk away too.


My efforts have been in vain,

I writhe all night in pain.

Memories of another day,

have me twisted in knots,

and I’m slowly going insane.


My heart doesn’t ache,

and I hurt no more.

My soul is cracked but,

It bleeds no more.



Sulekha aka Lucks












10 thoughts on “Bleeding Soul

  1. Oh Outlier, I know the feeling. So much sadness in there and at the same time an acceptance and the will to move on. Love you

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