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Simi hesitated for a while before squaring her shoulders and marching into the building with sure and steady steps. The receptionist, Mrs. Roy, smiled at her and welcomed her to the office. Simi entered his office and saw Ayan was dressed in faded denims and a beige linen shirt, and he was wearing sandals instead of his regular shoes.

“Hi Simi, I have been waiting to see you since morning. Let’s go for a walk outside”.

“I thought we were spending the day at your office, where are we going? You are always so busy with work and we hardly get to spend a few hours in the evenings, that too not daily, so what’s happening now? This is unlike you to take off from work in the middle of the day.”

Ayan laughed at her confusion and led her outside the building towards the car and opened the door for her, she got in the car and fastened the seat belt before enquiring once again, “Ayan, where are we going? And why are you smiling that impish smile, what are you planning?”

“Just relax, my dear and enjoy the ride, we will be there soon.”

They parked at the entrance of the Rose garden and he pulled out a blanket and a picnic basket from the car’s dickey. Simi followed Ayan to the spot near the lake, where he was busy spreading the blanket on the soft grass for them to sit on.

“Happy Valentine’s day, my dear”.

Simi came out of the trance and blurted out, “How did you read my mind? I am speechless”.

“I know I keep long hours and am forever busy with my business but I remember every word you have ever spoken and have read all your stories. I know how you want to spend your valentine’s day, and I have fresh cheese and wine in the basket along with some chocolates and a book of romantic poetry by ‘Lucks’. I have also written a poem for you and would like to read it out to you, if I may?”

Simi nodded and smiled at him through tears of joy and love.

My Valentine,

You mesmerize me,
you entice me,
You pleasantly surprise me,
with my depth of,
emotions for you.

Be gentle, be kind,
Oh my Valentine.
Cherish me, like I do you.
Love me, love me true.


Sulekha aka Lucks


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31 thoughts on “Love is in the air…

  1. Oh my how I have missed reading you. This is marvelous. hopefully my computer will continue to let me read my favorite bloggers. Loves to you, Jan

  2. Lovely story and poem!
    I like the way you sneak information about these two in their conversation without it being obvious that it is for the benefit of the reader. It is also interesting to note that an outdoor picnic is possible where your characters live. This story would not be possible in my part of the world! It is always dreadfully cold in February!
    Well done!
    Best wishes,

    1. Anna, Welcome to my website and thank you for your lovely compliment. I love the cold weather, you are lucky.

  3. A very sweet romantic picnic. A valentine that Simi will always remember, right? Thanks for visiting my entry and commenting! 🙂

  4. Greetings Sulekharawat
    I sense that your MC has fallen into a rut and her significant other has made of point of changing that for them both. The poem at the end was a nice touch. Romance rekindled is always sweet. Nice job.

  5. What a lovely, romantic story and thank goodness he has realised that he needs to do something to keep his relationship going. A lovely poem at the end. Great story. Sally.

  6. How romantic for him to make that time for her. So sweet. Shows there are ways to communicate 'I love you' especially when it's obvious one person has been less than perfect in doing that lately.

  7. My dear Sulekha,
    First let me say, I loved the poem. Very touching my friend. Romance always need a lit help sometimes with respect and appreciation for your lover. In a setting like this…all hearts will welcome the day's romantic magic!

  8. Hello Sulekharawat! Lovely to meet you, view your website and read your lovely entry for the RFW challenge!

    I loved the story and the way the complaints she had at the beginning were answered at the end in such a romantic way. I loved the way you used the senses – the food and drink, a lovely picnic.

    Don't forget to come back to RFW if you'd like to vote for your favourite entry this week. Go with your gut. Really should be someone who kept to the word limit and has a romantic element! Poll will go up Monday AEST.

    Thanks for entering! We made our 20 goal!


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