Soaked in memories…

Soak no more!


I am a painter’s delight. I am covered in a kaleidoscope of colors, each more vibrant than the other. Each brush stroke has given me a new identity and meaning, every splash of color has transformed me from a dull and drab personality to a wonderful profusion of hues. I am a rainbow of emotions and feelings.

Earlier I used to worry about being covered with so many different shades of colors and would try to hide myself from the public eye. I would hang my head in shame and wait for the onlookers to belittle me and my multicolored self. But not any more…

I am proud of each speck on my visage, every line and mark has been diligently earned by me. I remember the first time someone had said something hurtful and I had cringed with embarrassment, turning red in the process. They all had laughed at my condition.

Another time, I had been green with jealousy at someone flirting with my secret crush. When he had chosen her over me, I had been feeling blue for days. I had turned white on being scared out of my wits by my naughty friends on a field trip.

Growing pains leave a mark on your being, first crush, first kiss, first heartbreak, first separation from your near and dear ones, they all scar you. Some scars are temporary and some are for life. Losing a loved one rips your heart out and leaves you gasping for breath. This blow is the hardest to withstand and the ache remains in your heart forever.

All these knocks in life leave a mark on you, the heart bleeds sometimes and other times it overflows with love and joy, spreading sunshine all around. We all have these visible and invisible scars to keep; they define us and remind us of the obstacles overcome and the milestones reached.

I am soaked in beautiful memories and am proud of my marks and loudly proclaim that I don’t need to wash these stains off my heart. I love them and am glad to have endured all and still managed to survive. These are my medals of honor; they need to be displayed with pride.



By-Sulekha Rawat

This is my entry for the contest”The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest” in association with Indiblogger.

28 thoughts on “Soaked in memories…

  1. Love the play of colors in this one Outlier. Reminded of my poem, "The Canvas". Beautiful. I hope you win the contest.

  2. Great post Sulekha,its as if I am reading a story which slowly unwinds itself,showing different shades and hues………Simply wonderful.

  3. I love love love this Sulekha… I, too, am soaked in memories ~ but now I do not wish for them to go away anymore… some do leave impressive marks and they'll stay there forever…

  4. Welcome to my home and thank you for leaving such a beautiful comment. Going to look at your blog now…

  5. My first visit to your blog Sulekha. You have touched upon every aspect as to what one goes through at some point in their lives. I loved the way you started with the color thing and the end was amazing…:) I have also written something similar, where I have spoken about the importance being you and satisfying yourself…:) All the best for the contest, Cheers…:)

    1. Welcome to my site, Prashanth and thank you for the lovely compliments. Wish you luck too, I am headed your way soon.

    1. Nilanjana, Variety is the spice of life, so I write all kinds of pieces :)) Thank you for being so generous in your praise, appreciate it.

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