I remember your smile :)

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I remember your smile 🙂

i rem


When you had glanced my way in an offhand way,

I had been thrilled and over the moon.

You were my heartthrob, my best kept secret and,

I had been ready to swoon at my good fortune,


Your indifferent acknowledgement of my existence,

and your almost negligible interest in me,

had me doing cartwheels and going through hoops.


The day you had smiled at something I had said,

had made my heart beat faster and I had smiled too,

a shy, hesitant, trembling, unsure little smile.

I have been smiling ever since.


It’s been a while since that fateful day,

but still, whenever I recall your first look,

I am ecstatic, content and at total peace.

My restless soul is in a happy place.


No matter how bad things are,

or how low I am feeling.

I just have to remember that flawless day,

when you had looked my way and smiled,

I smile too, again and again.


Sulekha Rawat

16 thoughts on “I remember your smile :)

    1. Welcome to my website 🙂 I am so happy to see you here. Humbled and honored by your compliments.

  1. i just had te remember tht flawless day, when you looked my way……..feel the love in those looks…again and again..lovingly lovely sulekha.

  2. Oooo how I love you Sulekha Rawat! Your poem gave me such a dreamy feeling 😛 Yes, I'll always remember…

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