Friend or Foe?

Who are you?


Are you a friend or foe?

I asked the rider in black.

Depends on your state of mind,

He cheekily replied.


I am what you want me to be,


When you are drowning in the ,

quicksand of despair and gloom,

I am your go-to guy.


But when he looks you in the eye and,

tenderly brushes a wayward lock off,

your pretty face,

I am a forgotten memory.


You may be fickle but, I am not.

At your service, always hopeful,

ever ready to give you a joyride.

I walk beside you, vigilant, watchful,

to lend a helping hand if need be.


Sulekha Rawat





7 thoughts on “Friend or Foe?

  1. He/She might look like that on the surface but inside, the heart might be a soft and wonderful friend πŸ˜›

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