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Fingers bleed, trying to pick the shards off the soul.

Splinters break the skin, letting the blood out.

Trickle of warm emotions soothes the heart,

and deceives it with a false hope of caring.

Gush of memories engulf the abandoned, lacerated heart.

Stinging raw nerves, torture the wounded soul.

What caused the shell to explode?

When did the cover get blown?

Was it when you quietly walked away,

never to come back, again?

Or when you broke your promise of,

always being there for me?

When you stopped to care?

Did my heart break because you left me standing,

all alone, wondering what had gone wrong?

Did I rip the cover off my faintly beating heart?

Or did your indifference tear it apart?

Was it done by bare unfeeling cold hands,

or with a blunt uncaring knife of callousness?

Whatever the reason for the blow,

my soul lies shattered, broken, mutilated.

bleeding to its untimely death.

It trickles down towards you,

uncaring of your indifference,

Is it insane affection or

unconditional love?

Sulekha Rawat

15 thoughts on “Splintered

  1. Woah! I found myself winding around the words. I like the use of 'insane' and unconditional love' in the same line. Very moving and very strong.

    1. Brenda, Thanks a lot for your visit and the lovely compliment. Does love make us strong or weak? The jury is still out 🙂

  2. This is so raw and deep…loved the ending…is it insane affection or unconditional love…very thin line between the two.

  3. Oh the depth of feelings expressed in this poem Outlier. It touched me deep and somewhere splintered my heart too.

  4. Bloody…I felt it oozing in my veins… you described it in such detail… splintered, that's how I felt…

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