The NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem a day for the month of April.




Prayers can move mountains,

and change the course of time.

They can form a protective shield,

around your loved ones,

keep troubles and harm,

away from their side.


Every earnest plea reaches his ears,

He listens, understands, he hears.

When so many lips,

chant the same prayer,

He has no option but,

to give in, surrender.


He tests us continuously,

and constantly,

Wanting us to come up,

with flying colours.


He shows us,

the importance of love,

its intensity in our lives.

He lets us see and feel,

the healing powers of prayers.


Sulekha Rawat




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6 thoughts on “Prayers…

  1. Prayers, our love conversations with God… I loved how you wrote it with great faith and intensity 🙂 You are a truly wonderful writer…poet… friend. WOW!

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