Tribute to my first love ;)


Tribute to my first Love 😉



Love at first sight! It was fatal attraction, he didn’t have any place to run and hide. I saw what I wanted and went for it, it was like he was the target and I was the arrow from the archer’s bow. I aimed to kill and not maim, he lay there impaled with the arrow, mine for the taking;)


I wanted him, first thing, on waking up. He filled me up with so much joy and satisfaction! I needed him again after a couple of hours and then again in the afternoon. I craved him in the evening and one last time before nodding off to sleep.

I was addicted to him and didn’t ever want to part with him, ever. I loved him, still do and will always love him. He completes me, satiates me and rejuvenates me. He is my cup of Tea, what did you think?…



Sulekha Rawat



13 thoughts on “Tribute to my first love ;)

  1. I love Him too…and he is my topic of discussion today too….we both have similar tastes….oh! so many T's here…;-)

    1. JAnaki, are you sure we weren't separated at birth, though in different timelines 😉 I love it that we think alike, thanks.

  2. My dear Sulekha,
    LOL…you got me! I'll admit my mind was going elsewhere. It must be something in the water or the tea, because I had a similar reaction to Janaki's post! You ladies are too much (smiling). I remember those cups from an earlier post. Thanks for the entertainment dear friend!

    Day 20 (23): Tearful Maiden

  3. Eow Sulekha! LOL…how could two things be described in such a l—ovely manner? Ahahaha… Addicted, that's what we all are…

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