Just Because…




Just because she doesn’t cry,

and waves goodbye, smiling.

Just because she holds her head high,

doesn’t mean her heart isn’t hurting.


Just because she looks fine,

doesn’t mean she actually is.

Just because she parties hard,

doesn’t mean her life is, one.


Try to hear, not only her words,

but listen, also to her sighs.

See the sadness in her smile,

the dark circles of her eyes,


Admire the diamond ring on her finger,

but don’t overlook her clenched fists.

See the almost-bitten fingernails,

the wringing of her hands and wrists.


Be a good friend, stay in touch,

If she doesn’t call you for days,

Make that extra effort.

She could be in need of a friend,

but hesitant to ask for help.


Just because she says, ‘I am okay’,

doesn’t always mean, she is.

Just because she seems collected,

doesn’t mean shattered, she isn’t.


Be there for a friend,

comfort and console.

Help to piece her life together,

and to make it whole.


She may or may not confide in you,

secure she will be, some.

That if she ever reaches for you,

she would be welcome.



Sulekha Rawat

11 thoughts on “Just Because…

  1. Dear Sulekha,
    My sister just lost her husband last week. I was at the funeral yesterday. Even though she kept on saying she was ok, I could see the hurt and pain in her eyes, the stress of losing her support system has definitely taken a toll on her health. I am worried about her and am trying to be there for her as much as possible.
    Your words are so true and profound, especially in light of recent events.
    Very touching. Thanks for sharing.

    Jewels Of Darkness

    1. Andy, sometimes no matter how hard we try to understand and look closely, we miss certain signs. The others have to trust us enough to unburden their soul. Thanks

  2. This is so beautiful, Sulekha. I love the repetition, it really drives the point home, like a refrain, it sings. And the message is priceless.

  3. Corinne, We all couldn't see what was really going on , the best we can do is be there and hope our friends will come to us when they need help.

  4. This is so timely as we think about our lost friend in blogging and others we have lost. We must always be there for our loved ones and also know that sometimes they may not grab our hand even then. But we must always extend it anyway. So poignant dear. Wow.

  5. Oh Outlier this poem makes me wish I had looked more closely for those signs. I feel so guilty. I was so caught up with my life that I didnt see it coming. I wish she had come to me.

  6. Heart rending and very beautifully composed. All your lines are so compelling and enlightening. I am extending both my hands for those who wish to hold it. Thank you for such a wonderful poem Sulekha!

  7. hmmm…I couldn't conceal what I feel. If I am silent, my friends would easily detect what has been going on.

    As with friends, there are some who feels comfortable with me, there are those who don't…

    I agree, I must learn to decipher people's inner thoughts…but wouldn't it be much easier if we just break bread?

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