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Kitchen phobia…

I have Kitchen phobia…no kitchen for me please. Not to be confused with Mageirocophobia, fear of cooking. I have my darling Dad to blame for this severe ailment/condition. My aversion to the Kitchen started very early in life, ever since I had started attending school. My father was convinced that I would grow up to become a world famous Cardiologist, and so he had announced to the entire household that I wasn’t to be disturbed during my study time. No kitchen duties for me, only studies and games. I was a pretty smart kid even back then, so I decided to humour him and save myself the trouble of sweating in the kitchen. Life was good, I would hide the comics in the folds of my text books and pretend to study while enjoying Richie Rich and Phantom comics, these two were my favourites. Archie comics came much later; I belong to the older generation, child of the sixties 😉

I sailed through my growing years in this devious fashion, my elder sister loved cooking and since she was studying catering, it fell upon her shoulders to cook. I was her assistant, at will. Whenever she had some exotic sounding dish on the menu, I was there to assist and taste the delicious creations but on a routine home-cooking day, I always had an excuse of pending homework that had to be done. She didn’t mind because she knew if she really wanted help, I would be there in a jiffy; sisters have that unshakeable bond, which only they can sense and feel.

I grew up to a totally hopeless cook, with no housekeeping skills and then I got married. Imagine my poor husband’s plight, when I cooked our first meal after marriage. It was a disaster, so we dined out. The next day, it was the same old story; he was a sport and didn’t find it odd that a grown woman of 24years couldn’t cook to save her life. He has always been this understanding, generous and accepting man, I call him an angel and I am the devil. Maybe that’s why we got together in the first place. I am black and he is white, negative and positive come together, as in magnets the opposite poles attract.

I learnt to cook, eventually but now he has started eating only light food, like soups and salads. Middle-age is unkind to food-lovers and we have to take drastic measures to keep fit and healthy. So all my learning has been for nothing. Nowadays I have a new phobia Bloatophobia: Fear of bloating up 😉




Sulekha Rawat


8 thoughts on “K is for Kitchen Phobia

  1. I too have Bloatophoia and cookophobia…I really do not like to cook. In fact, it was my hubby who taught me cooking after marriage. Nice post.

  2. I confess I smiled when I saw the comment 'kitchen phobia'. I quite enjoy cooking but can understand the feeling of dislike. I have gardenphobia. All those bugs.

  3. Hello Sulekha.
    I grew up in a household where the majority were women. As a result, all my needs were taken care of. If I wanted a glass of water or a cup of tea, there was always someone around to fetch it for me. I've kind of carried that mentality over into adulthood & married life. I can change light bulbs, but that's about the extent of my handyman-ship. If there is any task that needs doing that doesn't involve writing, then I have a phobia! (LOL) Thankfully, my wife is Jill of all trades and I don't think there is any task she can't handle. She also likes to cook, which is an added bonus. I enjoyed this post. Thank you.

    Day 12/13: Love, Charity And Poverty

  4. I still dislike cooking – I think I got it from my Mom. Fortunately, my son has become a great cook and loves it, so he's willing to take some of the holiday meals!

  5. Oooo I love cooking and I love the kitchen (esp. if it's really clean and complete with cooking equipments) plus I love baking too.

    However, when I lived outside my family's house I shied away from everything that I loved because somebody else was better than me. I'd excuse myself and allow my companions to cook our meals 😛

    I commend you for being honest. My mother also thought the way your parents did so my mom did everything while we studied. But what I love about my mom is she allows me to experiment on different dishes.

    My phobia is cooking fishes 😛

  6. oh I was expecting a full on fear of kitchens here 🙁 I am really scared of kitchens there so horrbile any ones kitchen is scary I got better I can go in to kitchens during the day now but at night I really can’t I try but I just can’t its so scary, I don’t even know why ><

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