1. Janaki Nagaraj

    I too have Bloatophoia and cookophobia…I really do not like to cook. In fact, it was my hubby who taught me cooking after marriage. Nice post.

  2. I confess I smiled when I saw the comment 'kitchen phobia'. I quite enjoy cooking but can understand the feeling of dislike. I have gardenphobia. All those bugs.

  3. Hello Sulekha.
    I grew up in a household where the majority were women. As a result, all my needs were taken care of. If I wanted a glass of water or a cup of tea, there was always someone around to fetch it for me. I've kind of carried that mentality over into adulthood & married life. I can change light bulbs, but that's about the extent of my handyman-ship. If there is any task that needs doing that doesn't involve writing, then I have a phobia! (LOL) Thankfully, my wife is Jill of all trades and I don't think there is any task she can't handle. She also likes to cook, which is an added bonus. I enjoyed this post. Thank you.

    Day 12/13: Love, Charity And Poverty

  4. I still dislike cooking – I think I got it from my Mom. Fortunately, my son has become a great cook and loves it, so he's willing to take some of the holiday meals!

  5. melissa

    Oooo I love cooking and I love the kitchen (esp. if it's really clean and complete with cooking equipments) plus I love baking too.

    However, when I lived outside my family's house I shied away from everything that I loved because somebody else was better than me. I'd excuse myself and allow my companions to cook our meals 😛

    I commend you for being honest. My mother also thought the way your parents did so my mom did everything while we studied. But what I love about my mom is she allows me to experiment on different dishes.

    My phobia is cooking fishes 😛

  6. Alex

    oh I was expecting a full on fear of kitchens here 🙁 I am really scared of kitchens there so horrbile any ones kitchen is scary I got better I can go in to kitchens during the day now but at night I really can’t I try but I just can’t its so scary, I don’t even know why ><

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