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Stomach Tales


by Janaki Nagaraj


I have had a huge crush on Shah Rukh Khan since his “Fauji”days. As we grew up (me and him!), I grew out of this crush. But, I still love to see him on-stage. His energy & sense of humor is very charming.

Well, what has SRK to do with this Stomach Tales? In his recently released movie, ”Ra-One”, he portrays the role of a South Indian and in one scene, he is seen eating noodles with curds! YUK!

For us South Indians, no meal is complete without having a morsel of curd rice at the end of the meal. We practically eat everything with curd…..but, noodles with curds? NAAH!

We eat upma with curds, poha with curds. We have a magic powder – the chutney powder which when mixed with curds acts as a curry to rotis, dosas, idlis, rice rotis, ragi rotis….etc.

But, noodles & curds? No Way!

Avial, a type of mixed vegetable curry is made with curds. We even make rasam, and kadi with curds….But, noodles and curds? Crazy!

There are various types of raitha to go with pulavs and biryanis….But, noodles with curds? Hard to digest!



Janaki Nagaraj

20 thoughts on “Stomach Tales

  1. Well, I’m certainly going to brush up on Indian food after reading this post! 🙂 When I read “curds”, I think cottage cheese; am I off the mark?
    Such a cute and entertaining post!

  2. Janaki, I was in love with SRK too but now it's Salman all the way 🙂 What an interesting article about curd and noodle. Thank you for sharing this piece with us.

  3. SRK in a south indian role ( I have not seen the movie and will not see it)… I am having a hard time with that!
    Let's keep noodles in its own place and yogurt in its own…pleaseeeee SRK

  4. Ewwww noodles with curd! But then people have weird sense of taste. I knew of girls in boarding school having bread spread with jam and mashed boiled eggs!

    1. That's yuk. People have all weird sense of taste..have come across many. Many they might be thinking us as weird.

  5. I had a south indian neighbour and many of my friends are south indians…….there were times when i picked up this habit of finishing my meal with curd and rice at the end.But it was good for digestion…………how can noodles be eaten with curd. well said.

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