1. Janaki Nagaraj

    It is cool that you can digest anything…for me I am very particular about what I eat and what goes into the food I eat. Maybe because I am a vegetarian.

  2. Alpana Jaiswal

    Well that was some experience..but after staying in the hostel for a long time,I was like that..as long as it was on my plate,I could eat it….
    Thank you sharing this with us Roy…its a good write up.

  3. jan

    eeewww! That is true, sometimes it is better not to ask. I am glad you enjoyed them and weren't discouraged from eating what tasted good…great story Roy, thanks.<3

  4. Roy, Good to know that you ate the tacos and tamales even after you came to know what they were made up of. It proves that you are brave in your choice of food, I think twice before trying something new. Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us.

  5. Oh Roy, I love tacos but I’m not sure what tamales is…lol…

    I liked what you wrote on the last part of your stomach tale… It’s also one aspect of poverty on our part to eat what is served 😉

    I just had one experience in Libya, when we prepared a rabbit dish. I wish I had not seen how they skinned the rabbit, oh and he was our pet for several months…geez!

    I couldn’t eat it…and I was crying while eating it…LOL…

    I’ll post something on the wall of our group page on tacos. I saw it in google 😉

    I loved your tale Roy 😀

  6. roy

    i would have not ate them if I knew what they where before hand but I thought they were beef, not lizard, oh well they were good eating.

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