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From Canada to India, with Love… by Sukhvinder Kundu

Sukhi with her Dad

From Canada to India, with Love…

I just can’t stop thinking about My Father today, my heart is so heavy. I want to be by his side again, want to be his little baby again and hug him tight, so that he can’t leave me and go away. He has been my hero since my child hood. Even when I was barely a year old, I could not think of spending a single night without him.  I would cry and would also get fever in his absence. Because I knew that when he heard that I was sick, he would come back running, from where ever he was at that moment. I would pray to god, to bring him safely back home, whenever the clouds burst over Mumbai during monsoons.

My father celebrated the birth of his daughters as joyously as his sons’ birth in the house. He enrolled his daughters in the same school as his sons’ and he never asked his daughters to leave the room whenever he and his friends got together at home. He didn’t discriminate, didn’t treat his daughters any different than his sons.

He is a man who taught his children what helping someone is really all about. We have seen him getting up mid-way through his meals numerous times, to rush out and render a helping hand to someone in distress. He has sacrificed his sleep, time and money in pursuit of this noble cause. That is the reason why he was and is known as Seth (someone who is revered and respected) in our neighbourhood. Early mornings were heavenly in our house because we would wake up listening to Gurbani (sacred hymns of the Sikh religion). My father believes in the almighty and does meditation early in the mornings. In fact throughout the day whenever he has some spare time, he meditates, prays for the well being of all his near and dear ones and also of complete strangers. That’s the kind of man he is.

Growing up in the family where he was the boss was fun, although he was boss only for fun times, most of the time mom would take over and make us sit and study. There was always a timetable with  her around, a time to study, a time for a nap, a time to play, time for homework…J , but only one person would give us relief from  our mom and that  was our dad, he was so cool about everything. Laid back, easy going and lenient, unlike our strict disciplinarian mom.

And after dinner time we would all to listen to the radio programmes, like, Aakashwani. Do you remember the famous ‘modi ke matwale rahi, Binaca geet mala, Bournvita quiz contest….. We could easily win kbc (Kaun banega Crorepati?), thanks to those programmes.

I Still remember the day I was to start my college life I was excited, not for studies, but because I was going to start playing hockey in college. Dad took me shopping for my hockey kit, got the best for his daughter, he was so happy and proud of me. He would come to the ground and sit and watch me play,  and when I came back home, he would be ready with my diet, that was 2 eggs beaten in milk and I gulped them down, bottoms up.

When I was young ,whenever the song ”babul pyaare” played on the radio, I would hold him tight and say,” I will never leave you dad”, and he would reply, ‘Girls have to get married and go to their own house’.  When the time came, I too wanted to go to my own house and he said ‘hey girl I thought you were to stay with me ‘ and I replied, ‘‘Dad, he loves me and he will keep me happy’. My father stood by me, when I needed him the most. Even when few of my family members were upset with my decision, he was on my side.

Love you Dad, I can never repay you for all that you have done for me but I promise to be a good human being, like you wanted all your children to be. I will be there whenever someone needs me; I will be helping people and being thankful to god for everything he does for us. Love you dad and once again thank you for being there for me, always.


Sukhvinder Kundu

59 thoughts on “From Canada to India, with Love… by Sukhvinder Kundu

  1. Sukhi,

    This is so beautifully and simplisticaloly narrated. You need to be a large person to love and be loved in this manner. God bless you/


  2. I miss nanaji a lot too… He is such a wonderful person.

    I can only imagine how all of you must have spent your chilhood rogether with him.

    He is so kind and generous.

    We love him too.

    And mom keep writing. Well done!

  3. That's really a sweet post. Nothing can replace dad's love. For every girl, dad is her first hero and for every dad his daughter is most beautiful princess.

    Thanks for sharing, God bless 🙂

  4. Sukhi,your Dad sounds like a wonderful person…and the many gifts he gave you while growing up became a defining part of who you are as an adult. The beauty is he passed those traits on. You share a great Love with your Dad…I know how that feels. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of father and daughter…

  5. Dee really amazing mamaji is a gem of a person and for a daughter like u its a very good way to express ur feeling, love for him….u knw evn i cannot forget him wen… I was small I use to always call him chana wale mamaji becoz he use to donate chana and bread in hajur sahib…

    u rock dee!!!!

    love u chana wale mamaji….

  6. Suuuukhiiiiiii, what an article, sob, sob, sob……I will always be grateful to your father for making such a beautiful person as my life partner. Thank You DAD.

  7. Suuukhiiii, what an article….sob, sob, sob……I will always be grateful to your father for giving me an opportunity to live my life with such a beautiful person. Thank You DAD.

    1. Kishore, Sukhi the writer, has poured her heart out. She is amazing and so is her Dad. You are a lucky man 🙂

  8. Lovely post. I think all girls do love their dads in a different way. I see it with my own daughter. But as a mum I also sympathise with the mother's role – we are so often the ones who have to lay down the law as we are the main carers but dads can come home after work and be the fun one with just time for a few kisses and cuddles before bedtime.

    I don't want to be seen as the bad guy – but it is always me reminding the kids it's bedtime, it's times for homework, piano practice and so on. I know it was the same with my own mum and dad but my consolation is that although I had this kind of softspot and really special relationship with my dad as you do I am also v close to my mum although it's always been a much more volatile realtionship!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories

    1. Totally agree with you……..if our dad's are soft, then it is our mom's responsibility to make us what we are today…… grateful to my mom for making me a strong personality.

  9. Sukhi love that picture of you and your dad. Dads are something so special and different. Reading your post I could sense that intense longing in you to be with him. Really touched me.

    1. thank you so much rimly……..that was picture taken on the day we were leaving for canada….and i went to sleep,he did not move cos it may wake me up…..that is my dad.

  10. very beautifully written….and a lovely picture to match with it…enjoyed reading…thanx for sharing..Sukhi…all the best to you…!!!:)

  11. Lovely DIDI. Enjoyed every word, held onto the feelings for quite sometime before I could comment. Just speechless.

    1. Corinne, Sukhi is a wonderful person just like her Dad, always ready to help others and touching lives along the way. I am so happy she shared her thoughts with us all here. Thanks for your comment.

  12. Emotionally Riding thoughts … For once, I was in Flashback!!.. Cherished all d Moments tt i had spent wid Dad wen i was wid him at Home… all d Sobs wen he went on Sailings, his best efforts to change mumma’s mind to buy me a Dog, he saving me from mumma’s scoldings .. ahh!!..n Now in Hostel .. Feel like catching d Next BUS n Go TO DELHI.. n “HUG” him as Tight as possible n Repeat the Lines, ” I WILL NEVA EVA LEAVE U N GO”.. :’)

    Awsum it is Aunty… 🙂

    1. We girls always say that………..I will never leave you and go. But then we all have to go. DADS are always so special. Hold him and hug him whenever you meet him and say thank you to him for everything.That’s the best we can do for them.

  13. I always wondered n pleased to see the kind of person you are ,simple yet full of vibrant beautiful bold color of life, unapologetic yet respectful ….SUKI now I know you have picked up all the traits from your wonderful parents . Thanks for writing such thought provoking article ,I hope and wish we are also giving such a wonderful memories to our children to hold on, as these r the oasis of life .Love u for writing this .

    1. thank you Taj……we will definitely leave good traits behind. Known you and seen you with your kids, you are great parents. They will be proud of you.

  14. Superb writing and pic,you are really fabulous person, In this world rare persons who live their life so lively,boldly ….keep writing as it's

  15. what a wonderful post!!! Sukhi,I met your father on different occasions and found him to be gentle,loving and caring person,but you describe him so well and I can see the image of him in you…..touched my heart…God Bless..

  16. Beautiful article Aunty! My eyes were wet while I was going through it! The way you have pen down your feelings for your father I think it refreshes the memories,of the all the readers, of the time spent with their father ! I think from now on I'll value the time more which I spent with my Dad!….:)

    1. thank you amrita for reading……..try and spend as much time with your parents, one day when we are so faraway…….we are only left with these memories.So have the best of them.

  17. I’ve read this several times when it was posted, and as I told everybody else, when it’s a “dad” post or anything about love for a father, I’d love it.

    I, most of the times, envy this kind of posts, lol. It’s kind of weird for me if I’ll share something so intimate between me and my dad.

    This one has particularly touched my heart. Your dad is like a hero and I could feel through your experiences how much he has been involved in your life.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks melissa, i can write and write about my dad's role in framing my life and making the person i am. You wont believe when i finished writing i was like oh, i missed that incident i wanted to write so much.

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