I saw the waves rushing towards me,
calling my name and beckoning me.
‘Come play with us, feel our love,
walk into our arms’, they cajoled me.


They looked deceptively harmless,
and promised to keep me company.
I wanted to belong,
so I ignored the voice of reason,
and walked into the loving arms,
of the frothing waves of love and care.


Their soothing touch comforted me,
I felt a tingling in my toes.
the sand shifted from underneath,
I felt my entire world move.


My friend Swati has penned these four lines…
Is that the horizon beyond the sea?
Is that God calling out to me?
What is this longing in my heart?
Why does it ache on seeing such heavenly art?


Lucks aka Sulekha

1 thought on “Waves

  1. Wow…whenever I visit the beach, I'd walk along the shore and allow the waves to touch my feet or just watch them surging… It gives such a soothing effect to one's soul.

    I love the lines you've created 🙂

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