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Silent pleas,

ignored and side-lined.

Imploring eyes,

Responded to with snaps of, “you’re fine”.


A cowering frame,

dying to be ignored.

As tears fall freely,

from eyes that implore.



Is what I aim to do.

Forget the tears,

Or at least be able to pretend to.


Love isn’t real,

at least not in this world.

A hope or a dream serves,

no one but little girls.


I need to believe,

In endings well deserved.

In knights that slayed dragons,

In lines that learn to curve.


But, I know now,

Things always stay the same.

A laugh is a laugh,

A game is a game.


And I am older now,

Don’t hope for the old foolish things.

I hum the songs,

that I no longer dare to sing.


But that doesn’t change,

The person I used to be.

A little bit more buried,

A little less than me.




8 thoughts on “Crystallization

  1. Oh this is so beautiful…when I read of dragons and dreams, then this is meant for me. It's something I'll never learn to outgrow. I believe … geez…

  2. Thanks Melissa, this was written by my daughter after she had read my post. She is very talented and it took her 2 minutes to write it up.

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