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My dearest Outlier, Rimly had awarded me the sexy talented diploma a long time ago. Rimly is a true poetess, her posts are soulful and beautiful, like her. Visit her blog http://rimlybezbaruah.blogspot.com ,  and be charmed. I am passing on  the Super Blogger Award to seven wonderful writers. Though I feel all the writers are exceptionally great, we can award only seven at a time, so will give the award to the next lot in my future posts.

The only drawback of the award ceremony is the seven things about myself, that I have to share with the world. I am a simple person with a complex life, so what do I say about me?

I enjoy  watching comedy shows. 

Sometimes I laugh so much that tears come out of my eyes.

I hide dark chocolates in my cupboard and eat them whenever I am stressed out about something.

I love drinking tea, at anytime of the day.

My most favorite dish is prawns cooked in any which way.

I love going to the beach, I was born and raised in Mumbai and enjoyed the beaches there but now am stuck in a place which has no beaches at all 🙁

I like listening to music.

I feel incomplete without a book by my bedside.

Okay now that you know all my dirty secrets, it’s time to honor the deserving writers of the week.

Yoshay Lama Lindblom is an awesome writer. She is a perfect blend of beauty, talent and charisma. Her articles and stories leave us wanting for more. She is indescribable. Visit www.yoshay.com

Ayon Banerjee writes wonderful articles as notes, he hasn’t started a blog yet but he is a Super blogger. His status updates are refreshingly honest and brilliant, and he has an excellent taste in music. Ayon writes notes on management, his friends, happy posts and sad ones too and does justice to each and every one of them. Read his thoughts and be inspired to write.

Kriti Mukherjee, how about this? She is an enigma, a diva with a flair for writing, wonderfully, imaginative stories. She is a bundle of energy and talent, good things come in small packages, applies aptly,to her. When you read her stories, you are transported to her world and are so reluctant to come back, even after the story ends. her blog is called, howaboutthis

Rimly Bezbaruah, A lovely and sensitive person, an excellent writer, friend. She is the undisputed queen of heartrending and soulful poetry. Loves and lives life with abandon and touches our hearts with her soul stirring articles and poems. http://rimlybezbaruah.blogspot.com

Jim Brandano, a magician with the camera, a wonderful photographer and an equally creative writer. Jim is a true Super Blogger. He along with his wife Phyllis, take wonderful pictures and describe their beauty so well that we are all enthralled. Their blog is jpweddingphotograpy.blogspot.c​om

Blogging the weekly travels & photography of husband and wife photographers Jim & Phyllis Brandano who specialize in weddings, portraiture and nature fine art prints; being informative and entertaining with a touch of humor. NOT YOUR USUAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS

Tameka Mullins, ( Tamstarz), is someone who writes with a pen but her writings mark our souls. I love her blog’s tagline, ‘Your pen should always burn the page’. This tells you a lot about the author and her talentShe wrote her first poem when she was 5-years-old and it consisted of just two words: “I dream.” She believes that with persistence and passion dreams can be transformed into goals which become reality. Read her atlyricfire.typepad.com

Jim McIntosh, In his own words, “A custom shoemaker, slowly wearing out his tools. No sign of slowing down for this not so young traveler, but sometimes I just have to take time out to repair my worn out soles. They’ve been around, and it’s time to talk of where they’ve been. Join us in our journeys, we’ll learn more about wildlife conservation and social issues around this world, and maybe delve beyond the conscious.” His blog is a treasure chest of amazing stories and pictures of wild animals and nature. Visit holesinmysoles.blogspot.com

Lucks aka Sulekha

24 thoughts on “Super Blogger Award

  1. Oh dear, Sulekkha what do I say?
    I rushed over here, read you talking about a Sexy Talented Award and thought yahooo someone has finally recognised my real talents!
    OK I'm back down to earth now and thrilled you recognised my other talents. Thanks for the award. I am heartened to know that blogging of our travel experiences does give others as much enjoyment reading them as much as I enjoy writing about them.
    Coming from someone as talented as you, this award means heaps!

  2. My cheeks are burning with excitement – thank you so much Mitr for honoring my blog … No one has said so many kind words to me in just a para – thank you thank you thank you : )

  3. Congratulations for the award and all of them up there in the list are superb bloggers…keep winning such awards one after another. 😀

  4. I am so deeply, immensely moved and I feel that any word of gratitude would be less to describe the way I feel Sulekkha! I am profoundly honoured and can't thank you enough for this generous award, for such a wonderful accolade that I had least expected! Love you and Thank you very very much for the appreciation of my writing and my blog sweetheart!

  5. I am so deeply, immensely moved and I feel that any word of gratitude would be less to describe the way I feel Sulekkha! I am profoundly honoured and can't thank you enough for this generous award, for such a wonderful accolade that I had least expected! Love you and Thank you very very much for the appreciation of my writing and my blog sweetheart!

  6. @Jim, your blog is wonderful and so are you. It was my pleasure to honor such great writers. thank you…

    @Kriti,You deserve all this and much more, thank you.

    @MuMugb, thank you so much.

  7. @The Invisible art, thanks a lot for the comment.

    @Lavina, thank you for visiting and commenting.

    @Nirupam, I am good, thank you for asking.

  8. @Yoshay, you are my idol, I adore your writings and love your blog. Thank you for setting an example…

  9. Hello my outlier. just saw this. And I am a ta loss for words. Thank you for always encouraging me, to always give me the right push when I am down. I am so honored to receive this award. I am right in seventh heaven!

  10. It is always a treat and a treasure to be recognized for one's work! Thanks so much Sulekkha! I'm honored to be in the company of such talented writers! Hugs to all!

  11. Sulekha,

    As I told u yesterday, am deeply honoured & moved at the same time. Been a while since I heard such nice things about myself without holding the other person at gunpoint 🙂 (Well – that was on a lighter note ! U know me !). Thansk my friend,it's indeed a fab weekend gift from a writer as special , and a person as nice as u.
    Cheers ! Ayon

  12. @Rimly,
    You are a born writer, hope to read your book someday. Am thinking of getting your work published somehow, will let you know. We are each other's inspiration and staunch supporters, love you lots my dear Outlier…

  13. Tameka, your pen sets our souls on fire, love your work. Thanks for everything and congrats once again.

  14. Ayon, all the nice things that you said about me, right back at you. It's an honour to read and comment on your posts, thanks for tagging me.
    Congratulations on your award.

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