A Poe-a-tree blog event

I read this invitation from Roy Durham of royd-spiltmilk.blogspot.com two days ago :

Who would like to take part in a blog event?
What I have in mind is a Poe-a-tree blog event, each blogger will post a verse to the poem topic and the links to the other participating blogs. Sounds like fun to me.
Here is the theme of the poem so you can start poeming a verse “I am standing on a beach looking out to the horizon, what are my thoughts”. “What do I see, what do I feel, what is calling to me.” These are the question to ask yourself and then write a verse. As many lines as you like.

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I saw the waves rushing towards me,
calling my name and beckoning me.
‘Come play with us, feel our love,
walk into our arms’, they cajoled me.

They looked deceptively harmless,
and promised to keep me company.
I wanted to belong,
so I ignored the voice of reason,
and walked into the loving arms,
of the frothing waves of love and care.

Their soothing touch comforted me,
I felt a tingling in my toes.
the sand shifted from underneath,
I felt my entire world move.

My friend Swati has penned these four lines… 
Is that the horizon beyond the sea?
Is that God calling out to me?
What is this longing in my heart?
Why does it ache on seeing such heavenly art?

Lucks aka Sulekha

Here is the list of those who participated in this event with me…do check them out :

25 thoughts on “A Poe-a-tree blog event

  1. Hi Sulekha –

    "…they cajoled me!" Nice~! The oceans are powerful…the waves are mighty…the whole scene is awe-inspiring. 🙂

  2. As always beautiful words and imagery… Unfortunately I cannot write poetry so I will just be the one to read others

  3. Your poem reminded me of my days by the sea and the fun we used to have. The sea is like that, mysterious, beckoning you to its depths. beautiful Outlier

  4. I imagined myself the way you pictured it in your poetry… and lingered in the beach…

    I love the entire scene Sulekha…I wish I could stay there forever…
    I love your poetry..:*

  5. You possess the poet's gift as I was transported to happy days upon the beach. Keep the magical words flowing!!

  6. Nice poem, Lucks, I loved it! I wonder if the waves deceived you and there was a riptide underneath …

  7. @Savira, thank you for your kind words, you are my favorite reader.

    @Rimly, memories are such a source of solace on bleak days, loved my stay near the beach too. thanks for the compliment.

    @Some one is special, thank you so much for the compliment.

    @Melissa, you are the sweetest person I have connected with online, thanks for your encouragement and support.Love your comments…

    @David, thanks friend, your comments gladden the heart.

    @Mari, thanks a ton.

    @Vaisakhi,thank you for visiting and commenting.

    @SweepyJean, There was a riptide my dear, how did you know? Thanks

  8. Wow! This is amazing and interesting!
    Next time I would also like to participate :)…
    Love your poetry :)..Take care

  9. I never stop marveling at how comforting your words are after reading. I walk away feeling good and happy. Thank you.

  10. I want to read what happened next from you. You work wonders Mitr – although I must see the waves in a beach never seem harmless to me : ))) but I guess that's why I can never be the poetess you are …

  11. Is that the horizon beyond the sea?
    Is that God calling out to me?
    What is this longing in my heart?
    Why does it ache on seeing such heavenly art?

    🙂 class KG type, but gave it a shot!! I love your verse!!

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