The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…Reboundlovers Blog-Tour

Friends, The Reboundlovers Blog-Tour topic is , The good, the bad and the Ugly.

In the famous movie with the same name, “A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.”

My take on this theme is totally different. I am a romantic and think with my heart, so for me everything boils down to LOVE. Now what can be bad and ugly about love? I have asked myself this question a million times and have come to the conclusion that love is good but we make it bad and ugly with our thoughts and actions.

The kind of love depicted in the movie, “Love story”, is the best kind of love, good love. Oliver and Jenny love each other so much that they both try to protect each other from hurt and pain. I still remember this line from the movie, 

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Now bad love is bad, I mean you fall in love with a person and that person becomes your whole life, that’s fine. But when this love starts interfering with your life and your day-to-day activities,it turns sour. It’s not good but not so bad also, that it warrants intervention, yet. You obsess about him, make him your end-all and be-all, become overly jealous of him, start following him, spy on him, check his messages, his pockets…this makes the love go bad.

Ugly love is the worst kind, it kills love and what remains in the relationship is , a whole lot of anger, frustration and hatred. One movie which comes to mind is, “Sleeping with the Enemy”. There was no love there, only ugliness and helplessness. Julia Roberts (Laura) plays the traumatized wife to Patrick Bergin (Martin). Martin is abusive, possessive, obsessive and controlling, none of the qualities of love here. These emotions make love go from good to Ugly.

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Lucks aka Sulekha

23 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…Reboundlovers Blog-Tour

  1. Couldn't agree more – Love is like this whole person by itself. It can be good, bad, ugly, sad, selfless or selfish, aggressive, controlling, giving … – all of which we humans claim we can be : ). Love your post Mitr.

  2. @Jim, We do but some of us go beyond what is right,to the dark side, which is sad and very ugly. Thank you for your comment..

  3. I agree with you, I'm a hopeless romantic and believe in love even if it's on the rebound. Great post

  4. love is the smile you see on your kids face, love is the back rub your hubby gives you after a long hard day, love is seeing your aging parents relax, love is rooting for your siblings and friends, love is what makes the world a better place.
    then why do we complicate it by overthinking, overanalyzing and attaching unrealistic expectations to it?
    thanks for spreading the love…S!

  5. Sukanya, love your definition of love, you are a wonderful writer my friend. Thanks for the visit and for the beautiful comment.

  6. I've certainly experienced every type of love there is from the blissful to the destructive and I've learned from those relationships in some fashion. As I move forward in life those days in love have made me wiser, stronger, and more emotionally stable. Love is the best thing but finding that person is such hard part!!


  7. Oh Sulekha, I loved the way you depicted love's faces through movies… I seem to understand it better picturing it graphically in my mind ;)…

    Love is good and can never be bad or ugly…it wouldn't be love anymore if it goes that far…

    Love is always positive…

    The bad and the ugly is what we make ourselves… when we lose our center, our peace…and hope…when relationships turn sour because it is no longer "YOU" that exists but "I"…

    Oh, now I wish I have joined this blog tour, hahaha… I love love love this Sulekha :*

  8. Nice premise for a blogpost and really well said in a few crisp words Sulekha ! However, love per se is never bad or ugly I feel. Love is just an involuntary emotion which is the pscychological output of certain chemical reactions that take place in the brain. Maybe what makes it take it's bad or ugly turn is the fact that though born in the brain, this is one human act which the brain can't control. As a result when love happens in the right context, it can lift someone to the next level and when it happens in a wrong context or with the wrong subject, it can go completely awry !
    Cheers and keep writing !!


  9. Ah those 4 special letters that = LOVE! cant live with it or without it!
    BTW love the new look of your blog

  10. very well described all the faces of Love…buttttt does it remain LOVE when its bad or ugly….no i think..

    when its LOVE, it can be GOOD only….other wise its our selfishness that calls it a LOVE….


  11. I have often said that we only feel two specific emotions – love and fear. Everything else that we experience on an emotional level is an offshoot of those two primary feelings. And we spend our whole lives learning the best way to navigate through those two emotions. It is to be hoped that we will always take the High Road and express the most noble manifestations of Love, but that isn't always the case. The negatives do creep in occasionally. But with time, and with age, comes wisdom (we hope so, at least) and we learn and grow, become better versions of ourselves and express Love in a better fashion.

    It's a topic that has been, and will continue to be, written about endlessly! Love is definitely our strongest, truest motivation. Great topic, Sulekkha! 🙂

    ~ Dawn

  12. @David, we all learn about love and it's different forms but some of us insist on making the same mistake again and again.Why is love such a mystery? Thanks for your comment.

  13. @Melissa, what you say is true that love is always positive and it can never be wrong, but unfortunately it turns ugly for some unlucky people and they are so much in love that they stay put and rough it out because the thought of living without their loved one is worse than death. Thanks for the compliment, love your posts too.

  14. @Ayon, I agree with you about love not being bad but we make it so by our actions.Mutual love is the best kind and unrequited love hurts more than ugly love.Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your first comment here, do visit again.

  15. @Dawn, exactly…but what happens when we are young? We hurt ourselves and those closest to us by our selfish actions. Love can be brutal sometimes. Thanks for your visit and comment.

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