Roy Durham‘s Poe-a-tree blog hop, starts this Sunday at 6:PM. The theme of this hop is “What is your favourite colour”? Write a poem or story about your colour or colours and post on your blog. Get ready to see the rainbow of poems and stories. Let us all have some colourful fun.. . Thank you and god bless.


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Whenever I am feeling blue,
I wear yellow to cheer me up.
Cramming for exams,
I always do,in
a room painted blue.
When I am in love,
Red is my colour.
When the green–eyed monster
Strikes my heart,
I wear orange to spite it.
My yoga mat is violet in hue,
Indigo is my choice,
When I take responsibility,
for my actions and am true.
I love the rainbow,
I do, But,
Of all the colours,
in the world, I see,
I love Lilac the most.
It’s sensitive in nature,
and a hopeless,
romantic, like me.              


 Lucks aka Sulekha

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19 thoughts on “I LOVE LILAC

  1. Wow! It's so different and amazing!
    I also want to take part in these topics with you all ..So please inform me so that I can also join you 🙂
    Nicely expessed!

  2. Your colors lit my world.Orange gave me a strange healing sensation and you've used it to ward off jealousy :). Yellow's so bright it gives a smile on my face too. Oh violet reminds me of God…

    Lilac's new to me…but I could sense this color fits you well…

    Loved your colors Sulekha:*

    p.s. I've put the notes to your other poem, but I don't know how to put up a video together with it…hmmm…but I'll upload it tomorrow and let you hear it 😉

    THANKS a bunch!

  3. Beautiful poem! Lilac is my favorite also – I associate both the color and the smell of the lilac bushes blooming with the last few days of school and the start of summer. Long days from my childhood. I think Lilac is sentimental.

    Lovely choice of colors!

  4. Lovely poem about the power of colors!! You did a great job touching upon an expanded rainbow and the effects on your moods and life. As usual you did a great job relaying your feelings and intent. Lilac is a nice color 🙂

  5. it is lavender the sent of love that spell the blessing of the bow from above. great poem love it god bless

  6. sulekha, your poem reflects a youthful innocence. love lilac has a magical influence on you. i loved the way you colored your thoughts.

  7. Loved the way you stringed all the colors. Beautiful Outlier. I could just imagine the colors as I read the poem.

  8. I swung by here Sunday and was blown away by this colorful post. Thought I had left a comment Sulekha.
    I loved this. A lot of unique and very different styles emerged in this Poe A Tree Hop.

  9. @Jim, thank you for the compliment, roses are red,rainbows are colorful.
    friends make our world, all the more beautiful.

    @Simran, thanks and you can take part too, just see our links and copy paste.

    @Vaisakhi, thanks a lot for your compliment.

  10. @Melissa, thanks a ton for your beautiful compliment. I love Lilac, it's amazing.

    @eRmOdi, thank you and glad to know that you love Lilac too.

  11. @David, thank you, as usual your compliments are heartwarming. Lilac suits me well, thanks.

    @Roy, thank you for the poetry hop and for your lovely compliments.

  12. @Sancheeta, Thanks a lot and yes I did color my world with lilac.

    @Rimly, love your compliments Outlier, thanks.

    @Swati, dear friend i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    @Kriti, Love Lilac, thanks.

  13. @Alpana, honest compliment from friends gladden the hearts, thanks.

    @NJ, thank you so much, means a lot coming from a writer like you.

    @Jim, yes a lot of unique styles have emerged in this hop. Thanks for your lovely compliment.

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