Roy Durham‘s Poe-a-tree blog hop, starts this Sunday at 6:PM. The theme of this hop is “What is your favourite colour”? Write a poem or story about your colour or colours and post on your blog. Get ready to see the rainbow of poems and stories. Let us all have some colourful fun.. . Thank you and god bless.


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Whenever I am feeling blue,
I wear yellow to cheer me up.
Cramming for exams,
I always do,in
a room painted blue.
When I am in love,
Red is my colour.
When the green–eyed monster
Strikes my heart,
I wear orange to spite it.
My yoga mat is violet in hue,
Indigo is my choice,
When I take responsibility,
for my actions and am true.
I love the rainbow,
I do, But,
Of all the colours,
in the world, I see,
I love Lilac the most.
It’s sensitive in nature,
and a hopeless,
romantic, like me.              


 Lucks aka Sulekha

Here is the list of bloggers who are participating in this hop…


  1. Simran

    Wow! It's so different and amazing!
    I also want to take part in these topics with you all ..So please inform me so that I can also join you 🙂
    Nicely expessed!

  2. melissa

    Your colors lit my world.Orange gave me a strange healing sensation and you've used it to ward off jealousy :). Yellow's so bright it gives a smile on my face too. Oh violet reminds me of God…

    Lilac's new to me…but I could sense this color fits you well…

    Loved your colors Sulekha:*

    p.s. I've put the notes to your other poem, but I don't know how to put up a video together with it…hmmm…but I'll upload it tomorrow and let you hear it 😉

    THANKS a bunch!

  3. eRmOdi

    Beautiful poem! Lilac is my favorite also – I associate both the color and the smell of the lilac bushes blooming with the last few days of school and the start of summer. Long days from my childhood. I think Lilac is sentimental.

    Lovely choice of colors!

  4. David

    Lovely poem about the power of colors!! You did a great job touching upon an expanded rainbow and the effects on your moods and life. As usual you did a great job relaying your feelings and intent. Lilac is a nice color 🙂

  5. Roy Durham

    it is lavender the sent of love that spell the blessing of the bow from above. great poem love it god bless

  6. fantacy in practicality

    sulekha, your poem reflects a youthful innocence. love lilac has a magical influence on you. i loved the way you colored your thoughts.

  7. Rimly

    Loved the way you stringed all the colors. Beautiful Outlier. I could just imagine the colors as I read the poem.

  8. Jim

    I swung by here Sunday and was blown away by this colorful post. Thought I had left a comment Sulekha.
    I loved this. A lot of unique and very different styles emerged in this Poe A Tree Hop.

  9. sulekkha

    @Jim, thank you for the compliment, roses are red,rainbows are colorful.
    friends make our world, all the more beautiful.

    @Simran, thanks and you can take part too, just see our links and copy paste.

    @Vaisakhi, thanks a lot for your compliment.

  10. sulekkha

    @Melissa, thanks a ton for your beautiful compliment. I love Lilac, it's amazing.

    @eRmOdi, thank you and glad to know that you love Lilac too.

  11. sulekkha

    @David, thank you, as usual your compliments are heartwarming. Lilac suits me well, thanks.

    @Roy, thank you for the poetry hop and for your lovely compliments.

  12. sulekkha

    @Sancheeta, Thanks a lot and yes I did color my world with lilac.

    @Rimly, love your compliments Outlier, thanks.

    @Swati, dear friend i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    @Kriti, Love Lilac, thanks.

  13. sulekkha

    @Alpana, honest compliment from friends gladden the hearts, thanks.

    @NJ, thank you so much, means a lot coming from a writer like you.

    @Jim, yes a lot of unique styles have emerged in this hop. Thanks for your lovely compliment.

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