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Writing to me is…..like breathing, feeling pangs of happiness and sorrow, meeting friends, embracing a dear one, kissing a lover…writing is all this and so much more to me. It unshackles me from this humdrum living and raises my soul higher, so that I can see the beauty of the world from up there. Writing liberates my mind and enriches my very being; it gives me a reason to stay alive, to create, to be content. It defines me, it’s my identity. Writing is my life.

Writing is my religion and god rolled into one sacred awesome package. I live, breathe, eat, sleep and dream writing. I need my reading glasses, my pen and my writing pad with me at all times. In fact these are the only cosmetics you’ll find in my handbag. Eccentric to the core, I am a scribbler, passionate about the papers that I scribble on.
It is an escape from the demons inside my head, a relief from the fears of the unknown. It’s the comfort of a mother’s hug and being rocked in her arms. Writing is a gift at times and a curse at other times. It is therapeutic to me and cleanses my soul, it’s like going to a confessional…healing, rejuvenating, like putting a band-aid on a fresh wound.

Writing is strong arms holding me close and keeping me safe from all evil, my haven. It’s fulfilment of a last wish, a sentimental odyssey into the depths of my deepest desires.

I love writing, in case you all haven’t figured it out as yet….keep writing and keep smiling, my dear writer friends.

Thank you for reading my post, please share your thoughts about it with me.

Lucks aka Sulekha

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37 thoughts on “Writing to me is….

  1. Writing is obviously of the utmost importance to you and something you couldn't live without and for that I'm truly thankful as I get to read your written jewels.

    The world is better off for being exposed to the passion and talent flowing from your veins onto the paper. Keep spreading your words across yhe globe and I'll anxiously be awaiting them!!

  2. Beautiful! I related so succinctly with your passion for writing and all it is and does for you.

    I'm honoured to be on this tour with you and all the others as it's such a powerful opening that has us reflecting on such amazing aspects of our being.

  3. Writing is sharing . It is establishing a connection with countless people out there. It reinforces the belief that in essence we are all one and that we can share and celebrate our oneness to make this world a better place:))

  4. Wow!
    You've discovered that what writing means to you and I'm so happy to see your dedication for writing, everywhere with writing pad and pen..I liked it! :)..And so I also do whenever I feel I should write about this feeling about this moment then I take out my cell phone and start writing and save it and afterwards copy that in my sweet diary:)..Really when we start expressing ourselves with our writing we start loving writing and that reflects our heart,mind ,soul!
    Wonderful thoughts..happy blogging to you too ..take care

  5. for me writing is more for growing myself by sharing my thoughts with others n then through their comments n reactions let improve myself further…..and yes as you said at times it does work as healing element…..

    thanks for introducing here so many Bloggers, will be going through them one by one….:))

    best wishes,

  6. Sometimes those demons inside my head HELP me write. Passion for better or worse gives us a certain creative energy we wouldn’t have without it. Writing is not only cathartic and therapeutic; it’s invigorating, enlivening and sometimes pure bliss.

  7. beautiful post Sulekkha.. and awesome blog here.. Soon will stop by your blog posts.. and from on following you..

    Someone is Special

  8. "Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depth of your heart; confess to yourself you would have to die if you were forbidden to write."

    — Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

    Oh I feel that passion too much Sulekha…if it's your breath and everything. I'm so glad that you've found yours in writing. It becomes more than just an ordinary task because your words become a part of your readers. And they are always life giving.

    I love love what you write…but most of all, I love you 🙂

  9. i feel your passion and i am also possessed with it my self. thank you for being on the tour. this is a great post thank you and God bless

  10. Thanks for sharing! (I keep a notebook with me at all times too… just in case I get inspired 🙂 You have a new follower via Blog-a-licious. Nice to meet you.

  11. Even if you hadn't written this post, your writing always shows what you told us here today. Keep writing and we'll keep reading what you have to say! <3

  12. Lovely post. You've said it all in just a few paragraphs. From a fellow Blog-a-licious blog hopper.

  13. Writing is my religion and god all rolled into one. Nuff said! Very profound.
    Like you, I always have a notebook and pen in my bag, Glad to be on the tour with you.

  14. It's amazing how the simple act of making marks on paper (or shadows on a screen) can have such a cleansing effect. Write your soul out, girl, you have meaning in your life.
    Grace x

  15. Great Post Sulekha!

    I think that many of us writers see it as an escape and a way to explore our inner thoughts and inner being.

  16. @David, thank you for reading me and for writing such beautiful comments on my posts. I am thankful for all you writer friends who encourage and support each other, and heal in the process.

    @Sarah, ditto. This tour has enriched my blog and life in many ways and brought me in contact with such amazing talents.Thanks for your beautiful compliment.

    @Sajeev, how true! writing is sharing and reading is caring for your writer friends, thanks for visiting and commenting.

    @Bornstoryteller, brevity is the soul of wit, thanks for your brief compliment.


  17. @Simran , I write in my book and you text..words are common, medium of writing if different. writing does connect people and sharing makes them bond.Thanks for your sweet compliment.

    @Irfannudin, I am glad that you found these talented writers to read and follow here on this tour. Writing connects people, thanks for reading and commenting on my post.

    @Debra, when I write, I forget myself and the pen moves on the paper on in its own. I don't have the power to control it, my mind does. Nice to read about what writing means to you. Thanks for sharing.

    @ForJenssake,Thanks my writer friend 🙂

  18. @Someone is special, thanks and am following you too. My blog is my life in bits and pieces.

    @Janu, Loved your post..fantastic.

    @Melissa, thank you dear and love you and your posts a lot too. We share our lives and make bonds to last a lifetime.

    @Roy, great minds think alike, am glad to be on this tour with you and the other wonderful writers. Thanks for the visit and the compliment.

  19. @S. Kat Harris, thank you for the follow and your compliment. Notebook and pen are a writer's tools.

    @Adriene, what a beautiful name! Thanks for your touching compliment friend.

    @Duane, thanks a ton.

    @Thelmaz, thanks and I loved your post too, am following your blog now.

  20. @Marcia, we all are the same, driven to put our feelings on paper. Thanks for the visit and read.

    @Grace, thank you so much for the compliment. I think we all have that spark to shine brightly with our writing.

    @Nolan, yes we do, thanks for the compliment.

    @Karen, thank you and I am honored to be on tour with you all too.

    @Tina, thanks and likewise my writer friend.

  21. Hello from London & from the Bog-A-Licious tour! I love your post. Writing is like breathing: this is so true. Thanks for the follow – Am following you back now.

  22. MuMuGB, hello from India, Thanks for the visit, follow and comment. Glad to meet you on this tour.

  23. I know all that about what you just wrote and it is so true – You do write from the depths of your soul and I am so lucky to have found such a genuine writer amidst so much crap one reads…

  24. Hey Mitr, was waiting for your comment and am so glad you did. Thank you for the sweet compliment.

  25. Jim, Your every compliment is a treasure in my blog, thank you so much for your most kind words. I could publish a book with all my dear friends compliments.Your pictures inspire us all.They are just wonderful, god bless.

  26. Pandora, so glad we met and connected here in Blogosphere. looking forward to another exciting tour soon,thanks and god bless.

  27. Writing is my religion and god all rolled into one. – What an amazing line and so like you. I always love reading your posts and this one is right up there with the best of your work!

  28. @Mari, I am honored by your lovely compliment, thank you so much for liking my post.

    @Corinne, Says one writer to the other,thanks.

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