Stylish Blogger Award

Sukanya Bora of http://sukanyabora.wordpress.com/ has awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award and I am thrilled and honored to receive it from such a talented blogger like her. I have to say seven things about myself and give this award to seven stylish bloggers.
Here goes:

1. I have two birthdays, 8th January and 16th April, the first one being my birth-birthday and the second one my adopted birthday,( it was my dad’s birthday too).

2. I love books.

3. My soul bleeds onto the pages I write on.

4. I believe in miracles.

5. My motto is, “Live and let live”.

6. Friends and family mean the world to me.

7. My mind is a potpourri of thoughts.

The Seven Stylish Bloggers on my list are:

Pandora Poikilos

Stuart Nager


Tameka Mullins

Aabhisek Panda

David Michael Smith

Each one of them is special in his/her own way, do check out their blogs and be mesmerized.

26 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Oh good nominations those. I have read most of them and will surely visit those I have missed. Your choice of bloggers must be really good. Congrats on the award Mitr!

  2. wow..so you get two cakes n two set of gifts in a single calender….lucky that way you are…..:)

    btw congrats for the well deserving award to you n to all of them who got it from you here….i do read couple of them n yes they are mesmerizing in their own way n style.

  3. Hello dear Sulekha! Thanks so much for this award! I am truly honored.It's nice to learn a little more about you. I have an adopted birthday too!

    Cheers and many blessings!

  4. Thank you so very much! It's truly an honour to be listed with the others you have on your list. Also, thank you for your support in the blogsphere. See you on the 25th!
    Best wishes – Dora

  5. Congratulations for the award…you truly deserve it.I completely agree with Pandora here…it's truly an honour to be listed with others on your list. 😀

  6. Congrats on your award. How wonderful to have two birthdays, such a blessing. Thank you for the mention I appreciate it.

  7. Thank you so very much. I had gotten this award for Tale Spinning but this one is a first for BornStoryteller. I will post this on Friday. Thank you again. It's a pleasure getting to know you.

    And..good company indeed. All worth reading.

  8. Congrats my outler. Totally deserving you are and also the ones you honored with this award. I visit all of their blogs and they are indeed stylish bloggers.

  9. @Mitr, thank you for your vote of confidence. You are a stylish blogger yourself and an excellent writer. All the bloggers I chose are great writers and wonderful people.

  10. @Irfanuddin, Yes I am Lucky..my pet name is Lucky too, hence the alias Lucks. Thank you for the wonderful compliment and all the bloggers on my list including you, are wonderful writers.

  11. @Tameka, I love the tagline on your blog and nice to know about your adopted birthday too. I admire your writing style, it's awesome. Thanks for reading and commenting here.

  12. @Pandora, you give me reason to smile by letting me be a part of the tour on your blog, Thanks. I am honored to be a part of Blogilicious tour.

  13. @Jenni, It's my pleasure to know such stylish bloggers and to have them come to my blog and read my posts. Thanks

  14. @Jessica, thanks for the compliment and I would love to share more about myself too. Read my post on the next blog tour and learn a bit more about silly old me.

  15. @Stuart, welcome to my blog and thank you for the lovely compliment.Yes they all are wonderful writers like you.

  16. @My stylish Outlier, thank you my dear, was missing your comment on my blog. Indeed all the stylish bloggers are awesome.tc

  17. I love everything you've shared about yourself Sulekha…especially that your mind is a potpourri of thoughts :)..you always have a simple way of sharing which is guaranteed effective because you write with your heart…

    thank you for honoring me with a stylish blog award :)…

    Congratulations to the rest as well…:)

  18. Melissa, thank you so much for all the kind things that you have said about me.I love reading your posts too, they help me heal at times.Thanks

  19. Congrats on your award as it's much deserved!! Thank you for mentioning me in the same breath as the other great writers, I respect them all 🙂 I've enjoyed getting to know you better; you get two birthday cakes?? 🙂 Take care my friend!!

  20. @David, You are a wonderfully stylish blogger and the award is well deserved.It has taken me 17 months to smile at the thought of getting two cakes in one year but my dad gives me strength even from the other world, miss him a lot.Thank you and god bless…

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