A poem

A poem tugged at my sleeve,
and tried to catch my eye.
I ignored the gentle pull and,
Walked away, unmindful,
of its tiny sigh.
It followed me like a puppy,
loyal, loving and playful.
Hopped, skipped and danced,
Around me, trying to catch,
my attention.

My strides didn’t falter,
My path I didn’t alter.
Kept looking straight ahead,
Ignoring the poem, as if,
It didn’t at all matter.

I outran the poem and sat in a bar,
filled with smoke and dirty wallpaper.
There were people, everywhere,
that I could see.
The poem must have crept up,
on me, while I wasn’t looking.
Cause I suddenly had the urge,
to put it down on paper.
It came out nice and read so well,
That it swelled my heart with pride.
I wish you could have read it too,
It was about love and about you.

Lucks a.k.a sulekha

18 thoughts on “A poem

  1. you have to watch out for then poems some can be killer you know. but this one seems tame your might want to keep it around. like it thank you and god bless

  2. @Roy, welcome to my humble abode and thank you for the blessings and compliments.

    @Aabhisek, My heart-felt gratitude for your wonderful compliments.Thanks a ton…

  3. Lovely poem!! Words are really special when they enter the readers mind and refuse to leave. You have that gift 🙂

  4. it's a lullabye sulekha :*… one that never wavers… but longs to be heard again and again… like a loved one's heartbeat… loved it… and i missed your poems… :)…welcome back :*

  5. Thank you so much, David. I must go away more often, you all are too kind . Really appreciate your compliment..thank you.

  6. Hey Melissa, thanks dear..you have made my day with your compliment. thank you and missed you all too.

  7. Sulekkha, the poem caught up to you at last and demanded to be written. Aren’t you grateful that the muse has never abandoned you?
    ~ God bless

  8. Writers block gone, and you've come back with such a bang!! 🙂 Loved it, it's such a sweet, charming poem….You madam are very talented!

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