Cold Grave

She lay there, exposed,
about her state of undress,
unapologetic even.
Limbs sprawled, head thrown back.
She lay on the ground,

Her body was cold to the touch,
Had turned blue.
She looked like she was sleeping,
After spray painting herself.
The officer, on her naked body,
A white sheet, hurriedly, threw.

She cringed with embarrassment,
While looking down at herself,
lying there Spread-eagled,
averted her eyes, and sighed.
Death strips you of your dignity,
And pride.

On hearing a commotion,
Her soul, looked at him,
so expectantly.
That witnessing her eagerness,
My eyes misted over,

The distraught young man,
was inconsolable,
threw himself on the cold body
covered with the white sheet,
and wept.
As if with his warm tears,
her cold and chilled,
heart and body,
they could melt.

She had gone, far far away,
from this unfeeling world,
away from  heartache and pain.
She didn’t want to be born again,
until she was promised love.
She wanted it all,
Wanted to be the,
mistress of her fate,
needed with her, 
her soul-mate.

Without him by her side,
She did not want to,
go along for the ride.
She’d had enough,
of lonely winters,
and parched summers.
She didn’t want,
any of it, no way.

Now she needed assurances,
before coming back,
to live here,
where people realize,
Your worth only,
after you’ve gone away.

Lucks a.k.a Sulekha

28 thoughts on “Cold Grave

  1. How true it is… that people cherish and realize the person's worth only after they are gone!

  2. So vividly clear, your words painted an amazing picture of the heartbreaking scene. You placed me amongst the living and dead for a front row seat. Very nice my wordsmith!!

  3. Very nicely written….and it's true cause people really don't try to understand someone near them…..they realize the person's worth only after they are gone..Liked it a lot.
    When The Heart Speaks

  4. It is only when we lose someone we realize their value otherwise most of the time we take them for granted. And to die in dignity is all that I pray for. Beautifully written Sulekha

  5. David,

    Really appreciate your wonderful compliment and thank you so much for the tag of the Wordsmith.

  6. Rimly,

    Life makes me want to pull out my hair at times and on good days everything is alright with my world. Thanks a ton Rimly..

  7. This makes me want to appreciate and love those around me all the more, for you never know when death will come knocking at the door.
    “Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me…” ~ Emily Dickinson
    What inspired this poem Sulekkha?

  8. Debra, I write with my pen but my heart holds the reigns. I am an eccentric writer and pen down my feelings, real and imaginary, on paper. I hope
    I've answered your question 🙂

  9. Powerful message, strong images, beautifully written, Lucks. How many of us simply just want to be valued and appreciated?

  10. @Debbie, We all are sailing in the same boat and that's why we understand the emotional outpourings. Love sharing life's journey with friends…god bless

  11. Aww. There's a deep impact on me. I don't want my friends feel that they're not appreciated. I always make sure that they feel being valued. I always tell them how thankful I am. I wonder if they think of me now that I'm way too far from them. =p

  12. Loved your writing style. Mainly the way the subject has been conveyed. Really a great poem. Hope to read more of them.

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