If I forget?


How will I remember you?

If I lose my mind,

I would hate it,

Not knowing you.

I don’t want to not remember.

What do I do?

How can I never forget?


If you call my name,

and I don’t answer?

Will you stop calling?

If you talk to me and,

I refuse to respond?

Will you never,

Speak to me again?


Please make an effort again.

Give me another chance,

to recognize you.

I don’t want to forget.

When I see you coming and,

Turn my head away?


Know that, I can’t see you,

In my mind’s eye,

I am sightless,

I am blind,

Because of the illness.

If I ask your name?


Please humor me,

Spell it out for me,

Maybe it will jog my memory.

If I go away, drift off,

Will you bring me back home?

Will you tell me,

that you love me?


Will you keep me,

from wandering off?

If I stop loving you,

Will you do the same?

Know that, though my mind,

might forget you.


My heart and soul,

will remain forever,

Loyal to your memory.

I may look like,

I am going someplace,

But, in reality,

I will be lost forever.


Lucks a.k.a Sulekha


Linking this to World Alzheimer’s Day- September 21 at Write Tribe

30 thoughts on “If I forget?

  1. Wow – the writer's block actually did wonders to you – what a superb tribute to the person you wrote this for. Awesome really!

  2. Thanks a lot Jim, it's nice to be welcomed back by friends. I was struggling to write for quite a while.Thank god for his blessings and mercy.

  3. I found this so touching! This is actually something that I worry about, and is one of the reasons that I write my blog and make scrapbooks. There is a history of Alzheimers in my family and my biggest fear is forgetting. Thank you, my sweet friend, for your eloquence and for sharing it.

  4. I also lost mine..anyway,Sulekha,I am so happy to see you here..even though I will not ever want to see you like this..I am there if u need me. And this has moved me beyond words.

  5. @FOW, Thanks friend and hugs to you too.

    @Alpana, You have always been there for me, when my mom was in the hospital, your calls helped a lot to keep me positive.Thanks dear <3

  6. Lucks what a touching poem….it made me think of my parents, and of myself when I'm old…it's beautiful!!

  7. I always knew it's just a matter of time and you will come up with something really nice.Awesome post and very touchy…Now waiting for your next update on We Have A story…hehe.Do read my new poem here When The Heart Speaks. 😀

  8. It's so nice to be missed and then welcomed back by good friends. Thank you so much for the encouraging compliment, will def write for we have a story and read your poem.God bless…

  9. It's so timely Sulekha. Sometimes, I refuse to let go because I might be forgotten… yes, I will be lost forever…

    But I will remain faithful to the memory, yes…always!

  10. This is a moving post. I know of people who are going through all those moments you have described here. They look hale & hearty. Yet, there is that one thing missing in them- the ability to connect. It saddens me see them thus.

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