For, being there for me, in spite,
of life’s numerous demands.
Thank you for your concern,
for my well-being and sanity.
For, not letting me get lost.
For, being my pillar of strength,
When I needed you the most.
Your comforting presence,
kept me from going insane.
The mere thought of your,
Caring and affectionate heart,
prevented me from freaking out,
due to the uncertainty n pain.
You didn’t let me drown,
wouldn’t let me fall.
You helped me think positive,
Be brave and strong.
Because of your support and love,
I held on and withstood it all.
Don’t know what I’d have done,
would have collapsed.
Had it not been for you,
I’d have perished,
given up hope.
I would have surely,
Shrivelled up and died.
Without you by my side,
I wouldn’t have survived.

Lucks  a.k.a  Sulekha

5 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. We all need someone to be our rock in the storm of life and obviously you found that special person. Your words paint a vivid picture of a beautiful bond between yourself and someone you care deeply about. The poem makes me think of Mom, Nana, and Erin. Lovely Post!!!

  2. It is a gift to have someone that you can turn to, hold on to ….. A beautiful bond the two of you share.

  3. @David, yes we all do need a rock in our turbulent lives. Thanks for appreciating my poem.

    @YogaSavy, Life brings so many things in our lives..some good, some excellent and some priceless ones like a true friend. Thanks..

    @Rimly, thank you and we do have all the luck in the world.

    @Jim, thank you for the beautiful compliment.

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