Queen of the Asylum

I rule this place with my demented mind.
Nobody is mad here, you will find.
We all pretend to be insane,
It’s all pretence, a game.
To hoodwink those who sneer,
And whisper in each other’s ears.
“There goes that mad woman,
talking to herself”.
Little do they know?
That I’m talking about them.
Telling myself, to be wary of them.
They lie, they cheat, they make,
tall promises, which they never keep.
It’s a game to them, breaking their word,
Going back on it, it’s absurd.
If having a soft heart is being mad,
Then I’m guilty of the same.
I feel a bit more than the others,
Hurt easily, cry readily, laugh heartily,
I’d rather be mad, than be bad,
I’d rather hurt myself, than make you sad.

Lucks aka Sulekha

25 thoughts on “Queen of the Asylum

  1. Oh My God Mitr – just absolutely loved it like hellllllllllllllll – wow!!! This was just fantastic!!!

  2. a beautiful poem Sulekha. yep! its better to be mad rather than being bad. if madness can be a win over all negetives then why not be mad for a lot more positives?

  3. Sulekha,this is really good.And I will also say that if being mad means having a soft heart..or being different,might as well be absolutely streaking..raving,mad.

  4. Ahhh, that's selfless attitude Sulekkha…..something we all want a person to be…. Your poem is as wonderful as always….:)

  5. @Jorie, thank you for your sweet and wonderful compliment.

    @Sonia, We share the same birthday so same to you.

  6. I used to think that my "soft heart" and my "crying" meant that there was something wrong with me. That I was too soft hearted and a big cry baby. But ur poem proved to me that I am not the outcast, but many are like 'us'

    great poem

  7. It seems you have taken a peek into my brain, thought you were talking about me for a minute. your words ring true with me and as usual have me admiring your writing skills. Take care!!

  8. @Debbie, Yes , there are so many like us.Thanks for believing in me n my poem.

    @David, you are very generous with your compliments.Thank you..

    @Fayerydust, Love your sweet compliments, thanks.

  9. it doesn't matter if they think i'm mad… :P… what matters is what i am before the mirror of perfection ;)… i read and reread this sulekha and everytime i do, there's something that pops in my head… what madness 😛

  10. Beautifully penned it is….

    i am here from Alpana's Blog and genuinely happy to be here you are maintaining a nice space here.

    Best wishes,

  11. Love it I really do not know how I have missed these?? I apologize. I do love your works so much have a great birthday

  12. @Simran,Thanks for the comment and sorry for not checking it earlier but I was away for two weeks. Will see now, thanks.

    @Swati, welcome to the mad women's club…thanks

    @Melissa, Thank you so much 🙂

    @Irfanuddin, Welcome to my blog and thank you for the compliment.

    @Jim, Happy birthday to you too and thank you for the beautiful compliments.

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