What If?

What If?

I often wonder,
What if, we had done things differently?
What if, life had taken a different turn?
What if you had never left me, to wander,
in the wasteland of memories to burn?
What if, we had clung to each other,
held on for dear life, tight?
What if, we had cherished our love,
cared not much, for wrong or right?
What if,
We had realised, what we had was rare?
and not to be tossed aside carelessly.
We were always meant to be together,
not to stay apart and miss each other ceaselessly.
What if, you hadn’t left me all alone?
What if, you had understood my pain?
Would you have cared, had you known,
that your going away, would make me insane?
What if, we had treasured what we had?
What if, we had held on to each other?
What if, we had embraced forever?
What if, we had loved forever?

 Lucks aka Sulekha


23 thoughts on “What If?

  1. The what if's but if we held onto these we would not live and breathe in life. We would always be in that What If's stage

  2. Excellent I think at a point in our life we all have these questions in our heard. You voiced them for all of us Thank You

  3. aahh all the "what if's" I am learning to forget the "what if's" especially the ones that are so far out of my reach … Great post

    thanks for sharing

  4. @YogaSavy, Life is made up of a lot of these..thanks for the comment.

    @Nirupam, thank you so much for the compliment.

    @Jim, life is a mystery with a lot of unanswered questions. Thanks.

    @Priya, I did? thanks.

    @Debbie, When does one master the art of forgetting? Thanks for the like.

  5. Amazing post!!!Loved it!!! We as humans will never let go of the "What If's"… sometimes we have to let go of all the What If's and live in the Now to be happy!! Now learning to control our mind..thats' another question..I just posted a poem on my blog a few mins ago on the Human Mind!

  6. Humans always question their decisions in life and wonder if life would be better, exciting, etc if another path was taken. Personally, I wish I'd made better choices in life but then my path would had been different and Erin wouldn't have entered my life. One adjustment in the past alters the future and we must be content with what we have. Nice post and best wishes!!!

  7. What if you turn around and what if there is someone new, what if you see a whole new world, what if was your what if would it be had. love poem keep writing grrreat post have fun and god bless

  8. @Ruchi, Welcome to my blog and thanks for the lovely compliment. We do have to control our minds or it takes over us. Will definitely read your post.

    @David, We make the choices which feel are right at that moment,we can't change the past but what stops us from going there once in a while? Thanks for your best wishes,appreciate them.

    @Roy,Thank you for the endless blessings and the warm compliments.

    @Mari, congratulations for your blog being the blog of the week. Your blog is beautiful,thanks for the lovely compliment.

  9. Sulekkha, your writing comes from a place deep within your lovely soul.. and this kind of love you speak of can never quite be quenched.
    But you can, as you wrote in and earlier post, live in the moment and embrace life where you are right now.

  10. Oh Lucks, what a beautiful post…I always say that we should cherish all the love we have, never know when we'll lose the opportunity to show it and love that person back. Fantastic!!

  11. @Debra, I cherish your compliments and thank you for the same. We all try and live in the moment but only some succeed.

    @Swati, Thank you and welcome back, missed your comments on my blog.

  12. What if is a lot of wondering…. and I am always wondering…. Curious with my surroundings…so what if you didn't write this, you think I will ever know…? Hmmmmm…. hahaha Cheers Sulekkha..:)

  13. What if I had never read this poem, would I have left this comment, would I have …

    It's a nice poem. Having been in that situation your words portray the feeling of regret, and hopeless day dreaming really nicely. Great job.

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