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Racing towards fifty on wobbly legs

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Age is Just a Number

I am fast approaching the half-century mark and feeling the effects of the upcoming golden jubilee event. Recently, I have put on a lot of weight due to multiple reasons; hypothyroidism, menopause, stress eating, sweet tooth, etc. A friend told me about a newly opened beauty and wellness center and I made an appointment immediately.

I went looking for a magical cure to remain young, slim and pretty 🙂 The imposing looking beauty clinic had even more exotic sounding names for its advertised treatments . I was convinced that my search for an elixir of youth was over and I was going to transform into a stunning Miss World, if not Miss Universe.

I waddled into the pristine white lobby and smiled at the receptionist, making sure the hair on my multiple chins were hidden from her piercing, young eyes. She threw a pitying look my way and buzzed the beauty therapist for me.

I am a large woman but felt petite when the so-called beauty therapist and slimming expert walked in, she was twice my size. I knew right then that I was in the wrong place but couldn’t make a fast get-away due to my XXL size. She cornered me and attempted to bedazzle me with her knowledge of beauty treatments being offered at their clinic. I tried to pay attention to her words while trying to get her entire frame within my line of vision.

She requested that I follow her into the treatment room for a demonstration. Once inside, we were welcomed by their cosmetologist, who took one look at me and commenced a verbal attack on my appearance. Her opening statement was, “you will need at least a dozen face treatments because your skin is very flabby and you have open pores and black-heads. Your eyes need work too, the dark-circles need to be worked on and we will have to do something about your extremely dull and dead looking eyes.”

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder 

I mumbled an apology and raced out of the beauty clinic from hell. They had made me feel a hundred to my fast approaching fifty. On reaching home, I asked my kids, “Do you think my eyes look dull?” They shook their head in denial and said, “You have the prettiest eyes in the whole world.” Bless my angels; I felt 18 and not 47 🙂

My search for the fountain of youth ended on that fateful day, what about yours?


Sulekha  Rawat

26 thoughts on “Racing towards fifty on wobbly legs

  1. your only as old as you feel. so don't touch your self just hug the young ones you have near. sixty five and alive, you will thrive lol fun post. stay away from beauty books they don't know where to look. it's the soul the survives, of that you are a beauty of the universe. thank you and god bless

  2. “Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life.” You can’t live long without aging, no?..Age is all in the mind..and beauty…well everyone has their own perception…lovely post once again,Sulekha.

  3. Age is just a number or so they say lol I'm heading towards fifty at a rapid pace but still envision myself to be 25, give or take a day. Few years ago went and played football with some youngsters, broke my foot in two places, that taught me I'm not young. With advances in medicine folks are living longer and longer, not sure if that's a good thing. Your kids are correct in their statement, 18 is a good age for you. Thanks for the thought provoking post!!

  4. @Roy, god bless you and your lovely compliments.

    @Alpana, I look forward to your early compliments on my posts, thank you so much for being so supportive.

    @David, Thanks for appreciating my attempt at humor. I am 18 till I die.

  5. I'm approaching 50 myself (wrong side of 45, somehow 47 seems just a little close). Still, like us all, my mind is still that of a young person. I feel pretty fit so thats all that matters really. Isn't it funny how we get so concerned about our appearance as we get older. I think that is why I've gone a bit eccentric looking in the last year!

  6. lovely post to read. really enjoyed it thoroughly. u are beautiful from inner and outer…… why bother about the age to borrow insecured phase?

  7. I am 40 going on 25 (June 18th) I think age is a number. Beauty is only skin deep… and that thin young receptionist will be 40 something too one day…

    The girl in the salon, another shopper in the store, a lady sitting in a doctors office are just people we pass during our busy day.

    The ones that we love and share our daily lives with are what counts… So smile at the people we pass by. And listen closely to the words of our loved ones.. If they say we are beautiful then you know what … We are beautiful..

  8. Everyone already used all the cliches that come to mind. I'm on the down side of 50 ( in my 60's) and will say age is just a number–there are days that I feel 25 ( not many) and ones when I feel 80!

  9. So don't look in a mirror. You're only as old as you allow yourself to feel, not counting the growing number of creaks and aches of course. haha

  10. It's true that you are only as old as you feel. I'm 64 going on 50 – not bad! I am making my dentist rich, I've given up on facials as they don't work anymore. When I kneel down I have a tough time standing back up as my knees are a bit shaky – but all in all I'm feeling great! You've a long way to go – you are still a youngster!

  11. i suggest the mirror of perfection… the windows of the soul…the eyes of a child…

    these little ones are the most sincere people in the world… their eyes are filled with innocence …

    youth is in one's mind…you have the key to unlock it's strength…;)

  12. @Marty, It was a fun post and I feel and look 30, thanks for the visit to my blog and for the comment.

    @Fantasy, thank you so much for liking my post and leaving such a beautiful comment.

    @Debbie, Love your profound words and yes the ones we love only count.Thanks a ton…

    @Ann, how true, I feel 100 on some days and 18 on most of the other days. Welcome to my blog and thank you for your lovely compliment.

    @Anna, Ouch, that for cheering me up.

    @Mari, love your attitude and if I can be half as graceful and talented as you by the time I am 60, i will be honored.Thanks

    @Melissa, you have a pure heart and a fine way with words, thanks.

  13. Hey Sulekha age is just a number. Like you I will be hitting the big 50 this year… I am looking forward to it. You are young and beautiful and this is the time to have fun so lady lets you and I get together and have a blast!

  14. Geez, Sulekkha… don't make friends with digits. They will hurt your feelings, makes you moody and creates more wrinkles on your face. Enjoy every breathing moment… You are blessed to stay where you are now despite the numbers…. hehe Thanks.:)

  15. @YogaSavy, yay…let's meet up when Kriti comes to Gurgaon next month. Thanks for the compliment and god bless.

    @Jorie, This post was a fun post and I love being my age because it has taught me so much. Thanks for the lovely compliment.

  16. Totally enjoyed your post,Sulekha. Mark Twain rightly said : Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

  17. It is unbelievable how people treat others these days. One day all those people who focus on external qualities will wake up and realize that their "hideous" behavior towards their fellowman/woman was unwarranted and just plain evil. Any place that doesn't value it's potential customers is not worth going to, you would think a place like that would want to make a person feel cared about. Good for you for walking out and don't allow anyone to tell you that you are too old or not attractive. People who focus on the outside never know true beauty.

  18. Wow…I'm so sorry for your experience…I can relate in some ways to this post as I find myself coming to terms with aging lately. I've already found the gray hairs (yikes!)…I've realized though that I'd rather be at the age that I am now (going to turn 30 this year) rather than be 18 if I could because I'm a much different person now. Life has changed me and I wouldn't trade youth over wisdom…wisdom wins any day in my book!

    You have a beautiful heart and are as old as you feel. May you feel abundantly youthful each day!

  19. Be proud of your age and don't worry about it. I've passed the 50 mark and seldom feel over 30. I am so convincing that others think the same thing. Be young at heart.


  20. What a liar – Mitr …. Only the last part of your story is true the rest is a big fat lie : ) And at that note – don't you ever say that you don't have fantastic imagination!!! Yellow teeth and crazy woman – oh common you multi talented, fantastic vibe giver, poet and Yoga doer – you put me in shame : )

  21. Hahaha….. you have a great sense of humor …. i love the description of the people at the clinic ….seemed right out of Marvel comics ….. great

  22. A heartfelt thanks to all you guys for reading my post and for writing such beautiful things.God bless 🙂

  23. I am happy with where I am too, Jim. Writers write from their imagination and throw in a pinch of reality to make it a good read. Thanks for the comment.

  24. I'm proud to be a fit healthy old man, who at 48 can outlift in weight training and out exercise guys half my age. When my brain grows up and stops me thinking i'm a youngster, then i may slow down a bit … but i know it won't cos i'll always be a kid at heart.

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