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Brutal Murder and Crystallization by Shloka and Sulekha

Let me tell you how this post was created, While I was writing my article, my daughter Shloka happened to read it and commented that it could be made into a poem. Within two minutes, she had come up with this beautiful poem,”Crystallization”. Sharing both the prose and poetry with you all and would welcome your thoughts on the same. Thanks….

Brutal Murder
She raised her hands over her head to protect herself from the raining blows, cruel, merciless, whacks on her frail, defenceless body. Her fingers snapped one by one, with each strike on her silent, still form. The shadow didn’t relent and kept on beating her.

Blow after blow, repeatedly, until she was broken from head to toe. Blood was oozing out of her open wounds, mixing with her tears. She kept on imploring him not to hit her, he kept on ignoring her cries.

 He beat her till she stopped whimpering, stopped moving, stopped breathing. Only then did he take a break, but gave one last thwack, just to be sure and walked out.

The Victim was HOPE and the assailant was NEGLECT.

Lucks aka Sulekha

Poem By My Rockstar, SHLOKA


Silent pleas,
ignored and side-lined.
Imploring eyes,
Responded to with snaps of, “you’re fine”.

A cowering frame,
dying to be ignored.
As tears fall freely,
from eyes that implore.

Is what I aim to do.
Forget the tears,
Or at least be able to pretend to.

Love isn’t real,
at least not in this world.
A hope or a dream serves,
no one but little girls.

I need to believe,
In endings well deserved.
In knights that slayed dragons,
In lines that learn to curve.

But, I know now,
Things always stay the same.
A laugh is a laugh,
A game is a game.

And I am older now,
Don’t hope for the old foolish things.
I hum the songs,
that I no longer dare to sing.

But that doesn’t change,
The person I used to be.
A little bit more buried,
A little less than me.

Shloka Rawat

19 thoughts on “Brutal Murder and Crystallization by Shloka and Sulekha

  1. Wow! Shloka you write so well. It gave me goose bumps. You must start writing more often. I love the line "But that doesn't change the person I used to be. A little bit more buried, A little less than me" Keep it up.
    Sulekha you have a very creative daughter.

  2. Thank you so much Rimly, love your encouraging compliments and am sure Shloka will too. She has college now,will read it in the evening.Love you .

  3. That was really good! Well thought out and composed. Yes, your daughter is very talented. I am sure she gets it from her Mom.

  4. Oh wow! How did you get to compose such beautiful poem? I can do a rhyme but never in such in depth type like this one…. So this one deserves a huge compliment… Thank you so much for sharing Sulekkha…:))

  5. Your daughter is very talented must be your genes! However the first poem about HOPE and NEGLECT took me by surprise. To me neither are that harsh or deadly. My question is why such violence in these emotions? Just curious I mean not to disrespect your writing in any way.

  6. Thank you for the lovely compliment YogaSavy and to answer your question, I write with my pen but sometimes my pen holds my hand and writes. Imagination thy name is writer.:)

  7. You can see she is your daughter.. the talent is evident. To write this in that short of time is amazing. But please tell her from someone who is now older, that we still wish for the same foolish things; peace in the world and hope for all. If we don't wish for the love it is only because we are lucky and already have love.

  8. Well done both, I would title them the victims pray. They are both well written. I give you both ***** and thank you for sharing. God Bless

  9. Congratulations Sulekha…like mother,like daughter…My best wishes to Sholka…she writes beautifully.

  10. A family full of talented wordsmiths!! Good to see your writing ability was passed on, she should contribute more often. Nice post!!

  11. @Jim, will do Jim n thanks for your great compliment.

    @Roy, Thank you for the five stars and your priceless blessings.

    @Alpana, thank you friend and god bless.

    @David,Will ask her to but she is studying law and has her hands full with assignments and projects. Thanks for the compliment.

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