She just wanted to “Live and let live”

She was in love, so much in love, wasn’t trying to make a point,

Didn’t decide to rebel, just to shock the world.

But her family, she did disappoint. They hung their heads in shame,

And threw her out of the house, without a penny to her name.

Her crime was only this that she had dared to love.

Had decided to make her, sweetheart her whole life.

She wasn’t ashamed of her choice, and flaunted her love.

But people objected to it and made so much noise.

The world was up in arms, against these two.

Wanted to tear them apart, But how could they succeed?

These two had decided never to part, and to live in each other’s heart.

Onlookers watched them go, Hand in hand, cheek to cheek.

She had an arm around her waist; And She kissed her on her dimpled cheek.

Smiling at each other, they walked home in no apparent haste.

Two young ladies, so much in love. Why did the world cringe?

Why couldn’t it let them be, why didn’t it believe in, live and let live?

What was the young lovers’ unpardonable sin?

Sulekha aka Lucks

16 thoughts on “She just wanted to “Live and let live”

  1. Hats off to you Sulekha, for being able to do justice to such a sensitive topic..very touching…and go ahead..

  2. @Nirupam,Thank you for your encouraging compliments.

    @Alpana, Thanks a ton for the compliment, enjoyed our chat.

  3. Hi Sulekha,

    Nice insight into the most sensitive topic.
    Liked the way you portrait it.

    Wish you A colorful happy HOLI


    take care.

  4. I read some place "You don't love the gender… You love the Soul". And I will second Jim on his comment as well (It's hard enough to find love… just let it be). Thanks Lucky for your voice on this controversial subject…

  5. That was surely a sensitive topic and you presented it well !

    Nice read…
    Keep Writing.

    Visited your blog for the first time…its a nice blog!

    Take Care.

  6. Thanks for the visit and welcome, Fatima. Stay a while and come again, thank you for the beautiful compliment.

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