Trunk full of Clothes

Trunks full of clothes mock me,

Their actual number Shock me.

I am a hoarder I admit and state.

That suit I wore on our first date,

The engagement sari is special,

The wedding sari is ultimate.

The dress I won in a competition

Has a place of pride in my collection

The nightie I had worn

When my baby girl was born,

The same lucky one,

I had worn for my son.

There are clothes of all shapes and sizes

Piles and piles of the same surprises

The fainthearted ones.

I am okay with it, I swear,

Yet always feel I have nothing to wear.

I do possess a wide collection,

But when it comes to selection

I fret and I fume

They all seem so out of tune.

There is no appropriate outfit

For the appropriate occasion.

Everything is either,

too loose or too tight ,

too loud or too light,

too out-dated or too modern.

And whenever I am at a loss,

as to what to wear,

with my hubby I reason,

and go out and buy an outfit

just right for the occasion.

-Lucks aka Sulekha

18 thoughts on “Trunk full of Clothes

  1. Loved it… and so true we women always need an excuse to shop! Was jut thinking that on my day off from teaching which is tomorrow will head out to get something!

  2. @YogaSavy, make sure that you buy something you like no matter what others say. Thanks for the compliment here and the comment on B'khush.

    @mitr, thanks..great minds… 🙂

    @Swati, It was written for every woman…Thanks.

    @Jim, I guess we a have our reasons for not throwing out our precious memories with the things, thanks for the compliment.

  3. My everyday story expressed so perfectly by you. I think it's every woman's moment of panic when she opens an overflowing closet and can't find a single thing to wear!!!!

  4. @Mari, I am so glad I connected with like-minded people. Thanks for the love.

    @Alpana, We all are so clothes-hungry 🙂 Thanks.

    @David, Thanks for not saying it, appreciate your restraint.

    @Sonia, I am honored that a great writer like you, likes my attempt at poetry. Thank you .

    @Eva, There had to be a soul connection between us, Dost pichle and agle janam ki. Thanks.

  5. Sulekkha, Perfect! you have combined my thoughts and my daughter's habit of hoarding….. thanks for putting my thoughts to words without ever reading them or meeting me….Loved it….please continue.

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