When will my tweets on twitter, cause a furore?

When will my tweets on twitter cause a furore?
When I tweet, nobody appreciates them, When will I become famous? When will I become important enough for people to want to know about my life’s every tiny little detail?  Whether I‘ll be celebrating holi or not? If not, then what would I be doing instead and where would I be going? Which conference hall would I be lecturing in and who all will be there to cheer me?
God when will you make me important enough, so that when I dedicate some tweet to someone, the world notices and comments? When I check into a hotel and I tweet, people go,’ Wow’. When I don’t like the room and demand to be shifted out to another one, I tweet, and people go, ‘double wow’, and when I tweet about helping the poor overworked staff in shifting to a better room, people go, ‘what a woman!!!’.
When will my dinner become a topic of discussion? My choice of restaurant, a news bulletin and the number of dishes I order a national concern? When, What I’m going to dig my fork into becomes an event to be awaited with bated breath and when will people not pluck out their eyes in frustration at my nonsensical tweets. When will all this happen?
When I am a well-known actress and I check into a seven star hotel and tweet about the fishes in the aquarium and how my room is located inside the glass aquarium, everybody starts marvelling at my good fortune, never mind the fact that the producers or organizers of the show or movie are paying through their nose for my hideously expensive room. My tweets are my own and my followers are amazed at my witty comments. I go to the bathroom and tweet, ‘More fishes here’, and the world goes, ‘cho chweet.
God, when will I become so famous? When will my tweets cause a furore, on Twitter?
Sulekha aka Lucks

19 thoughts on “When will my tweets on twitter, cause a furore?

  1. it seems celebrity status is in full demand? wish you all the best for the fulfillment of your desires……happy holi.

  2. we would like to see you famous as sulekha,unlike our very own beauties without brains in our film jndustry. so you are already famous nd keep tweeting from your heart.

  3. I gave up tweeting sometime back… the praise and celebrity status never did knock on my door! Good Luck and keep tweeting

  4. This was very funny! I avoided Twitter for quite a while in the beginning but now I like it a lot. It does amaze me how some of the most inane tweets are featured as top tweets. Follow me @tamstarz if you want some poetic ramblings and details of my every move! Just kidding about the last part. Cheers!

  5. LOL!! You do know your posts are much awaited at the LC and the Lassi group….so you're on your way there girl 🙂

  6. LOL! That was funny! Till date I havent been able to figure out tweeter, so I can never be famous by tweeting. :)))

  7. tweet like a bird you are being heard you fame is your name that who they blame,with all the fame. lol good post god bless

  8. Sulekha,funny!! But seriously count your blessings that you aren't one of those super-super famous people – they also have super-super problems! We enjoy your pronouncements on Lassi with Lavina!!

  9. This is really cute – but realistically, likely never. haha – Or when you are elsewhere really rich and famous already. hahaha

    You're young. The young are never patient.


  10. @Mellisa, thanks a ton.

    @Yogasavy, will tweet your name too.thanks

    @Tameka,will definitely follow you and you can find me @sulekkha.Thanks

    @Jim, follow me @sulekkha Thanks for the comment.

    @Swati, thank you dear friend.

    @Rimly, You were the one to invite me on twitter.Thanks

  11. @Roy, Love your compliments, Roy.thanks.

    @Lavina, Thank you for liking my posts on Lassi.

    @Anna, you made my day by calling me young.Thanks

    @Kriti, thanks Mitr, You n me both.

    @Mari, Thanks a ton Mari.

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