Versatile Blogger Award

I was very excited to find out I was recognized by another blogger, Jim Brandano at .I was honored to find that my blog, as well as 6 others, have been given the Versatile Blogger Award.

Jim has a great blog where he talks about photography among other things!! How do you not want to follow that blog??? Visit his site and I know you’ll follow and enjoy it.

With this award comes responsibility. I am to tell 7 things about myself and bestow the award on 7 other bloggers. Those already awarded can’t be named again so Let me begin by saying that, I love all the ones already chosen by my other blogger friends. And also love a lot more than the seven blogs mentioned below.

7 things about me….

1. I love my Dad, he is my hero and my inspiration

2. I am a compulsive writer.

3. My occupation is Home Engineering.

4. I live in a fantasy world, at least that’s what my family members complain about all the time.

5. I hope to be remembered as an eccentric writer.

6. My family is my backbone and my friends my support system.

7. I believe in Reincarnation, karma, destiny, telepathy and souls.

My seven favourite bloggers are: Priyashmita is a versatile blogger through and through. She introduces herself in her own unique way, “I am who I am…an enigma for some and an open book for others. A strict disciplinarian for some and a fun girl for others. A heartless authoritarian for some and the kindest friend for others. I am who I am…which sliver of me you see depends on you.” Go to her blog and see for yourself. Chokher Bali is a truly great poetess and reading her poems is like looking into her soul. Her posts are straight from the heart and touch yours every time. David’s blog is called Erin is Love, Reflections on life with the world’s best dog: World traveller, therapy dog, church attendee, stage performer and beloved friend. I adore his posts about Erin, his dog and am always moved when reading them. Ardith is another great blogger, she writes,” I have found blogging to be a great way for old and new friends to become acquainted with the real me; to sort out and organize some of the thoughts that swim in my head; to give my day-to-day routine a little more purpose and direction.” Read her posts and you will know, what I mean. Writing is my obsession, and fiction is my passion.”, writes Anna, and she is a terrific writer. She has three blogs and I love going through her posts. Visit her blogs and be amazed at her talent. says, “Please enjoy my random ramblings and personal observations, inspired by the life that is all around me. Thoughts, feelings, wit and wisdom.” I enjoy reading her splendid posts and look forward to them every day. She has a great blog, see and then believe. Sukanya is a terrific blogger and writes about her travels and her other blog is called timid cook. She writes, It’s not the destination alone; the journey matters too…” read her articles and you will get to know her and her blog well.

These are my seven versatile bloggers and wish I could have named many others but alas the limit is seven.


  1. Priyashmita

    oh how sweet…thank u thank u 🙂 u just made my horrible day..on that note let me write something today…..

  2. Ardith Haws

    What an honor to be even considered! Thank you so much. I continually marvel that the world suddenly doesn't seem so large, when I can count among my friends those that live so far away and yet add so much to my life. I have enjoyed getting to know you and feel we have made a connection.

    Thank you for recognizing my efforts on Ardith's Quest.

  3. Sheba

    Dear Lucky, thank u very much for mentioning me. You know it's a true honor to be recognized by u. You being my inspirational leader when it comes to writing… thank u my friend…

  4. sulekkha

    @Ardith, I love your posts about your family and friends, thank you for sharing. I am so glad we all met in cyberspace.

    @Motifs, You are one of my favorite bloggers but I couldn't add the 8th name to the list,Love your posts.Thanks for the rock too.

    @Anna, My pleasure reading your Alaskan adventures,Thanks.

    @Chokher, Thanks for saying such sweet things about me, I am a flawed woman trying to live a crazy life.

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