Junk food is good food

I wish mommy cooked better food for us?
Why can’t she make chips and cookies,
Cola and cream cake?
Instead of mashed potatoes and vegetable,
Fruit salad and milkshake?

I hate vegetables and detest milk and whey,
I want to eat chocolates and candy, whole day.
And gorge on burgers and pizzas every day.

Why doesn’t she understand that,
Kids love junk food.
Puts them in a good mood.
So what if we put on a few kilos?
Don’t chubby kids look cute?

Someone please tell her to go easy,
On whole grain bread and nutritious food.
And just cook what we ask for,
And make us feel good.

Sulekha aka Lucks

P.S. Friends, I had written this poem when my kids were very young and used to crib about food. Every mother worries about her children not getting enough healthy food and tries to ration their junk food. Hope you like this post….happy reading 🙂

10 thoughts on “Junk food is good food

  1. That's funny as I feel the same way today. I just want to eat junk food and leave those nasty veggies for someone else. Give me my candy and potato chips and leave me alone 🙂

  2. pizza and beer, thats what i fear, go striate to the heart. my love we do part. i need my heart. great post love the poem and junk food too
    god bless you

  3. I grew up learning that if I ate all my "healthy" foods first, I'd be able to have "dessert, junk food" later. I've always used the same method with my children.

    Now as an adult, I'll take my dessert first 😛 then a healthy salad for dessert…

  4. @Roy, me too. Thanks for your comment on my poem.

    @Debbie, Why is desert so enticing? Healthy food is good but junk is so much better.

    @Mitr, I was and am one now too.Thanks.

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