Loving you is easy.

Loving you is easy,
doesn’t take much effort,
to keep your memories,
in my heart.
The times when,
we were so much in love,
Faithfully stay with me,
never to part.

I am transported back to,
those magical times in my life,
When I was ridiculously happy,
Was so much in love.
That the mere mention,
of your name was enough,
to send me into,
raptures of delight.

I was surviving till I met you,
Then I started to live.
I bring up your name,
in my conversations,
Talking about you,
makes you seem closer,
I happen to miss you less.

Days merge into nights ,
without any respite,
From the heartache,
of your absence,
From my empty life.

Lucky aka Sulekha


You Had Me at “Hello”


I remember the first time,

That we had met.

You had smiled at me.

 Taken my heart hostage.


Your smile had stumped me,

I had been a goner, poor me.

It was like the wind,

in the willows.

You had me at Hello.


Declarations of undying love,

Pale in comparison to your ‘Hello’.

A ‘take Care’, by you is worth,

a million, ‘I Love You’s’, by the world.


Thinking about you,

 is a welcome respite,

from the mundane,

 existence of my life.


You make my days brighter,

With your sweet smile.

And my nights darker,

with your prolonged absence.


Your touch revives me,

Your memory inspires me,

to live yet again in enjoyment.

My unexplained affection for you is,

My soul’s craving for fulfilment.


24 thoughts on “Loving you is easy.

  1. Sulekha, you've captured the emotions of loss and grieving so beautifully. I think one never fully gets over a lost love. I knew someone who had lost her husband half a lifetime ago, yet tears would well up in her old eyes: "He made me so happy."

  2. what man,what hero, or god. shall wake thy lyre, thy flute with sweetness trill; whose name shall playful echo send abroad. in whispers from her hill? Horace 25 BC love poem i like it. keep writing god bless

  3. @Lavina, We are so vulnerable when we are in love and losing a loved one is traumatic. The memories help but only to an extent, after that there is pure and raw pain. Thanks for your beautiful compliment.

  4. @Roy, Thank you so much, everytime I post something new, I look for your comments. Appreciate your compliments a lot.

  5. Thank you Rimly, Is it? Some people might differ in their opinion about this controversial topic. I feel you hurt when you are in love too, it's a different kind of ache though.

  6. Oh Lucks, this hit me hard…beautiful words…I can almost feel the heart ache in the those words….loved it as usual…

  7. The loss of a great love is hard to grasp. The feelings and emotions are always kept alive with memories of those tender moments

  8. Makes me wonder WHY we have to lose Love?? WHAT can be more important than to be in the arms of a true lover??
    Lucky… Loved it when you said… "I was surviving till I met you, Then I started to live."

    Now that you are gone… why can't I go back to 'surviving' with the same ease???

  9. oh geez sulekkha… why does it still hurt when i remember? reading through your poem, i felt the ache…but it's not so much now…

    hmmm… i open my heart to many possibilities… the heart is capable of recuperation ;)… just give it time to heal…

  10. Mellisa, As long as we live, it will hurt. Some days it will be a happy ache and on other days a gut wrenching pain. Love is so predictably unpredictable.Thanks for the comment.

  11. What a great poem!! The words were so heartfelt and touching, it took me back to the days when I was filled with bliss. Love it!!!!

  12. Thank you for your encouraging comments, it's a writer's most precious treasure. Thank you for enriching my kitty.

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