The Healing “kick”

I came into this world with aplomb, feet first, unlike the others. I landed on my feet at 4:20 AM on 8th Jan more than 4 decades ago and drooled over the handsome doctor. There was another lady who had delivered at the same time in the adjacent labor room. Her daughter was a normal child who came into this world like any other average baby- headfirst.

Whenever I used to defy my parents, my mother used to say, “You were born all wrong. You go against all that is normal and acceptable in society.” I was not fully aware of my uniqueness at that time. However as time passed, I realized the benefits of being born a breach baby. My mother’s innumerable friends used to call up and request my presence in their homes. The first time I went up to one such lady’s place I was shocked. They wanted me to touch my foot to her aching back! According to an old superstition, if a breach baby kicks someone suffering from a backache, the ache disappears pronto.

Thus started the healing process. I am a quick learner and hence realized early in the day that I was the messiah who saved these poor unfortunate people, suffering from back pain. I was a genie. Next time when I was invited to kick an aching back, I held back. After milking the situation to the maximum, by polishing off a plate of snacks and a glass of juice, I did the honors. My reputation spread like wildfire and soon friends of my mother’s friends started requesting my services. I was a celebrity. Thank god for superstitions!

Many years have passed by and a lot of water has flown under the bridge. Last month I sprained my back while walking my dog. The X-Ray showed lumbar cervical Spondilytis. An old forgotten memory of me curing the aching backs flashed before my eyes. I tried to twist my leg to reach my back in vain and in the process aggravated the pain!

I don’t really believe in superstitions but still sometimes I wonder, What if I am special and my foot is capable of performing miracles. If only I could kick myself in the back and get rid of this nagging pain. But like they say, “A tree never eats its own fruits” and “A river doesn’t drink its own water”. Same is the case of a miracle healer “She cannot heal herself.”

Lucks AKA Sulekha

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  1. Ok miracle healer, I know a few people who need to be kicked…some to cure them and for some to cause them pain…I shall be in touch 🙂 By the way do you charge for the service? 🙂

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