My darling Valentine

How does someone become your Valentine?
How does he take over your life?
What makes you hand yourself over to him?
Why do you love him so?
Is it because he is special,
Or because he is He?

How does your heart recognize him?
Does he dress differently,
walk in a certain way?
Or is it because you feel a connect,
A bond with his heart,
Your soul recognizes its soul mate?

Your heart beats crazily,
hands and feet turn to ice.
You feel breathless,
tremble and shake.
Legs give way, you collapse,
In a puddle of emotions so strong,
That nothing but his touch,
Can make you whole again,
Only his embrace can revive you,
Only his kiss can resurrect your soul.

9 thoughts on “My darling Valentine

  1. Your subject will always be the greatest question of all times Mitr – "How do you know its him" – there must be something in him to make you want to see his face every morning for the rest of your life. And as usual flawless beautiful writing Mitr – Loved it!

  2. This is a marvelous poem Sulekha! Every single reason why that special someone becomes a Valentine!
    Although I no longer feel breathless or collapse at the sight of him but his touch still makes me feel warm inside, his embrace still revives me, rejuvenates me and yes his kiss still does that magic. Why wouldn't it? after all we created two beautiful boys together 🙂 Thank you for this poem. Loved it.

  3. Loved your poem I married my Valentine on Valentine's Day 24 years( soon) ago
    Started following you today

  4. @Whatstruckme, love your name and thanks for the lovely compliment. I have a dear friend, Eva, and she writes like you.

    @Jim, thanks and you are so lucky to have married your valentine on Valentine's day..wow. Congratulations and god bless. Thanks for following my blog.

  5. @Debbie, thanks you for loving it.

    @Debra, I do. I am so much in love, it hurts sometimes, but what is life devoid of love? Thanks and take care.

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