Side-splitting Excuses

Excuse me; May I jump the queue? I am in a hurry,
For I have left cooking, at home, my famous chicken curry.

This and a whole lot of reasons are given,
By the impatient eves standing, in lines at check-out counters,
Wherever there is a queue, there is an excuse new.

Hi dear, can I go first? As, I am dying of thirst.
Or please let me go ahead of you, or my bladder will burst.
Another cheeky one, I need to go ahead of you, as,
I have places to go and, things to do, unlike you.

Looks like, you are buying, everything under the sun.
I have only a few items, ingredients for making my food.
While you are purchasing, for the entire neighborhood
Having said this, the miss smarty-pants,
At the counter, my place she took.

I have left my baby in the car, in the heat.
And by mistake, have placed the car keys on the seat.
Or my pet Dalmatian, Barks her head off,
And throws a fit. She doesn’t tolerate tardiness,
Even a bit. She is waiting in the car for me,
Let me go first or, you’ll see, Sparky will drive off without me.

I can’t possibly, Walk Back home,
In these Jimmy choo sandals,
And my bags have, such flimsy handles.
Your footwear is sturdy and thick, like your ankles.
You can easily walk on the road,
Carrying this entire heavy load.
What I am getting to, is, I am a delicate darling,
And to this hard labor, I am new.
let me jump the queue,
Please, let me be ahead of you.

My designer dress will, Spoil in the sun, if I perspire.
You are safe, as your clothes, Look like you got them,
From Maganlal dresswala, on hire.
I shop in Paris, Monte Carlo, Milan and Boardwalk
Whereas your haunts are Jan path, Sarojini Nagar,
Karol Baugh and Chandani Chowk.

Even time is partial to us, we buy age, delay wrinkles.
Stay young longer, Die older.
Unlike you poor souls, we pity you.

Let me go ahead, you have no dreams,
Nothing to look forward to, so stay here a bit longer,
And enjoy the view.
Let me jump the queue; Let me go ahead of you.


21 thoughts on “Side-splitting Excuses

  1. So many excuses and i am sure each one of us has encountered one of them some day somewhere..or maybe we're one of them – LOL. A good laugh this morning:) The last few lines were very poignant… loved it.

  2. @Priyashmita, thanks a lot my super duper, fantastic friend.

    @Whatstruckme, I am the second excuse most of the times. Thanks for the compliment, the last few lines are my favorite too.

  3. Not quite sure how you managed to make a poem about something like jumping the queue but you DID IT! And it's brilliant. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, dahhling Lucks!

  4. Only you can make such an irritating habit hilarious my dear Mitr – i have yet to see such a versatile writer as yourself. Fantastic!

  5. @happilyunmarriedeverafter,thank you for your lovely compliment, thanks Bella!

    @Mitr, It's always a pleasure reading your comments and also your brilliant posts.Thanks!

  6. I can definitely relate to this poem! I live in a city where I get "pitied" all of the time. New York!

    A chuckle is just what I needed. I will be following your blog for more. Blessings to you!


  7. Hey Tameka, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting…we meet all kinds of people in this world. let's spread some cheer.

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