Why do people write?

 To connect with the world in their own twisted way.

 To escape from reality.

 To lighten their hearts.

 To dull the pain in their chest.

 To let others into their lives.

 To remain sane in this insane world.

 To get rid of their inner demons.

 To stem the bleeding of their soul.

 To continue living, to survive.

 To ease the constriction in their chest.

 To share their emotions with loving friends and sometimes uncaring strangers.

 To belong, to ward off loneliness.

 To put up their scars on display for the world to see.

 To invite more pain and suffering into their lives.

 To count their blessings.

 To share their euphoria.

 To rejoice in the wonder of life.

 To bond with soul-mates.

 To let go of their past and embrace the pain.

 To empty their soul, to share their joy.

 To torture themselves.

 To leave a part of their soul behind.

 To breathe, to celebrate life.

 To exist, to survive, to belong.

 To be themselves.

People write because of all these reasons and more, for, not writing is akin to

Lucks aka Sulekha

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