Will Embrace Life

When you walk into my life,
I will start to live, I promise.
Will no longer look at the world,
With a stranger’s indifferent eyes,
But will embrace it all like a,
long lost lover.

Your coming will put an end to,
my suffering and pain.
Will banish all grief from my heart,
The sight of your beloved face,
will thaw the frozen emotions
and make me want to live again.

I am living in a limbo since you left,
Unsure of the passage of time,
Surviving each day and night, barely,
Clutching at life by my fingertips.
My fragile hold on life slipping..

The frayed edges, of my mind,
Threaten to come undone.
Am holding it all together,
In the hope of seeing you arrive.
My eyes seek out yours,
In the sea of strangers.

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