Why Me?

Tragic tales of two little girls who suffered physical abuse at a young age…in one case it was a stranger and in the other, a relative…Makes me sick hearing about such twisted people in our society…


Why ME?

Why did he single me out?
Why did he come after me?
Why do you think he followed me home?
Why did he grope me?

Did I invite his advances?
Was I bad, was I flirty?
Did I give him the come hither look?
Or was I dirty?

I feel unwashed even after a thousand showers,
I feel unclean even after changing my clothes,
Countless times.
I feel dirty in a spotless dress,
I feel trapped in this claustrophobic,
Vastness of shame and hurt,
Grief and pain.
I feel nothing.


He was the enemy within the four walls,
Of our home.
He was a guest, a friend
of the family.
He turned out to be a louse.
He abused our hospitality,
And committed a heinous crime,
He cut the roots of the tender plant,
before its prime.
My confidence was betrayed,
I feel let down and undone.

He is a monster, a molester,
A demon, a fiend,
An atrocious and pathetic excuse,
for a human being.
A heartless thing.
He will suffer, he will pay,
He will rue the day,
He took the innocence,
Of a little girl away.
He will suffer, he will pay.



Sulekha Rawat

11 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. ..nice one sulekha..
    ..its sad dat in our society such ppl exist..dey all shud b packed to hell…
    ..if such ppl happen to b d 'enemy' within d four walls den it is even worse..r den d gal ll b helpless…it makes us very sad.. 🙁

  2. abuse starts when parent abuse each other and fail to teach child they do not have the right to abuse anyone's rights. we should abuse the offender, and teach parents how to teach their children not to abuse. good poem and point. thank you and god bless

  3. Thanks riggs, it is indeed sad that such people exist in our society…little children should be safe in our world..

  4. Roy, parents do have a great responsibility towards the kids and their safety, thanks for the compliment and blessings..

  5. What a touching poem. There are so many people who can relate to these words and have felt exactly what you felt. Thank you for being brave enough to share this poem with the public. I will be sharing it with those that I know. The more we open up about abuse, I believe it will help heal those that were abused as well as prevent some from being abused.

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