My Haven

There is a secret place in my rapidly beating heart,
Which is exclusively mine, my own private haven,
My personal retreat.
I am rejuvenated every time I visit here,

Life happens outside, but true life is in here.
I go through the motions of living life,
With a semblance of normalcy,
But I crave solitude to be able to visit here,
To really live.

I see you; feel you
breathe you, in here.
I remember your gentle touch,
The smell of your skin,
The sensuous look in your eyes,
Miss you so very much.

When things aren’t going my way,
And life is being a pain, and when ,
I have no say in its wayward ways,
I visit my quiet place, close my eyes.
I see your smile embrace your soul,
Am revived , again I am whole,
For a while.

Wish I could live here forever.

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