Some days are easy…..

some days are easy some aren’t easy at all.
I try and smile,live a normal life,
but once in a while,I slip and fall.
Suddenly it hits me that you are no more,
you have left us and gone away.
This pain is so acute that I literally sway.

I reel with shock and disbelief,
at my easy acceptance of this great tragedy.
How come I survived,your going away?
Why didn’t my heart stop beating,
when your’s did?
Didn’t I love you enough?

My love for you was all talk and no substance.
I am a hypocrite,
If I loved you enough,
I would have gone away with you.
I should have left too.

My friends say, you are watching over us,
are saddened by our grief.
and want us to be happy instead,
but isn’t it asking for too much?
How can we smile,laugh n play?
when you have left us and gone away.
Why did you leave?
Why couldn’t you stay?

I miss you every single day.


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