Last request

Remember me with a smile,after I am long gone.

When the sun has set, when the night has fallen,

maybe you can sometimes let the teardrops fall,

but only sometimes and that too not for long.

I want you to be happy and remember the good times,

think about me with a smile on your lips,

and please , please never be sad.

It will make me cry, wherever I am.

Don’t hurt me by hurting yourself,

I’ll feel your pain, wherever I am.

So what if I had to go away,

I am there with you in spirit.

Though I have left, I am never gone.

How can I? when my heart is with you.

You have my undying and eternal love,

to see you through all that life throws at you.

You are ,

my undreamt dream,

my unsung song,

my unlived life,

my unfinished thought,

my unglued emotion,

my uncrying tear,

my everything.

I love you, dear.


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