Poems From A Writer’s Heart

Poems from a writer’s heart

Micro Poetry

Bright flashes of light

Fill my dull life with color



All our shared laughter

Keeps me happy and content

Though I miss your smile


We had a good run

But why did it have to end?

Thoughts reach out to you


I rattle about

Looking for you in my heart

My hollow soul cries


I miss you and sigh

Wish we could be together

Memories haunt me


Be happy always

Dream big and live them all out

Love and Luck to you


By Sulekha Rawat

Silent Screams

This post is written for the Wordy Wednesday at the B-A-R


This Week: Sentence Prompt

                                                         What is it that I really want to say?


I just want to sit quietly and think of all the things I didn’t say to you when you were here. I should have told you that I loved walking into your room in the mornings and waking you up by ruffling your hair, which sometimes used to be stiff and heavily gelled :)

But a mother doesn’t mind these occasional hair disasters, what she cherishes is watching her babies grow up into responsible and admirable people. I should have mentioned how much our daily talks meant to me before you left for the distant lands to study and make a career for yourself.

Even the mundane things like watching Eat Street or Psych on television were made special by our expert comments on the programs host and characters. I ought to have mentioned how much I would miss these ordinary moments once you left. Making chocolate cake at midnight while watching football, I am well versed with your favorite team players names, thanks to your constant coaching and mentoring. Manchester City is my team now, I don’t miss their games and know that you are also tuned in at the same time, this fragile connect too manages to make me happy.

I know I shouldn’t have cried holding on to you for dear life while saying goodbye but I am only human. What I should have said then is that I am so proud of you and look forward to hearing from you about the new life you are embarking on, after being my precious baby for 22 years. You are a man now and have to carve a niche for yourself and I am happy you are doing that but I miss my darling son. I miss our silly goofiness, cooking experiments; some disasters but mainly triumphs :)

May god bless you and keep you safe, I pray that all your dreams come true and hope you remember to call up this silly old woman once in a while to let her know that her son is doing fine and having the time of his life.

Love you my darling Kartik, take care.

Your loving mom

By Sulekha Rawat

 This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger, Beloo Mehra who blogs here.



She stopped looking back

Ashes lie scattered all over

The place she called home.



The song in her heart

Of Happier yesterdays

On her coffin lay.



Flickering candles

Keep the demons out of sight

Dark souls and red eyes.



On jagged shards

Blood drops dance like crazed lovers

Crimson River flows.



The bridge where they met

Broken mangled bricks and stones

Jilted lovers cry.


By Sulekha Rawat

Icicles of Memories

Never-ending Winter

snowy road by Chokher

pic by Chokher

She threw another log into the fireplace; the sparks flew out angrily as if blaming her for disturbing their steady and peaceful existence. It had been a cold, white and bone-chilling month, and getting colder by the second.

The icicles of memories had formed on the roof of her frozen mind, shining like diamonds and menacing like sharpened daggers, hanging over her head. She welcomed the sweet release and hoped a shard would break off from the ceiling and pierce her skull. Crimson trickle from the wound color her red.

Hoped the white snow would bury her still blue body.


 By Sulekha Rawat


Written for Wordy Wednesday at B-A-R!

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Story of The Tea Leaves

The Tea Leaves told the story                                                                                (Hundred words on Saturday prompt)

2d514474-672f-49c4-929e-6b3f8dc84559_zpsbca51962The dregs at the bottom of the porcelain cup told a story of strength and fortitude, the brown tea leaves made unfamiliar but intriguing patterns on the sides of the cup. The sweet taste of aromatic tea had left a tingling feeling in her mouth, refreshing it and also making her feel drowsy and lethargic.

Her triumphs were depicted on the white walls of the delicate crockery, like an exquisite work of art by some famous artist. Each moist strand, every tea leaf proudly held its place; there was no ambiguity in their smooth lines and curves. She felt happy.

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Thank You 2014

Dear 2014,

Dad n me

You have been a wonderful friend and been very lucky for me. I finally realized my dream of dedicating a book to my dad, though I would have loved to write his biography. Maybe this book will be the catalyst and help me reach my goal, soon.

Shloka and SparkyMy daughter, Shloka has co-authored a poetry book with me and has also edited our book. The title is her pick, I love it; A Patchwork Quilt. The first section is dedicated to my dad and the poems have been penned in the course of nearly five long years.


There are various other poems on a range of topics by both Shloka and Me, I am sure you will enjoy reading our little book of poems. I am so proud of my daughter and admire her writing.

front-cover-newOur book will be released by my mother on my birthday in January 2015.

Happy New Year to you all.


Take Care


Meditate and Heal

20141022_104732I am a fifty year young woman; married to an officer and a gentleman, we have two beautiful kids in their early to mid twenties and a baby Dalmatian at home, her name is Sparky. My health troubles started when I entered the dreaded mid forties, when I turned 45. It was the perimenopausal period and the most disturbing time of my life, I suffered a major personal loss during this period and as a result my health issues multiplied.

Along with the hot flashes, irritability, depression and other physical discomforts, I was dealing with a host of other hormonal problems due to my association with Hypothyroidism. My under-active thyroid was adding to my menopausal symptoms and making life a living hell for me. The icing on the cake was the multi-nodular growth in my Thyroid gland which needed constant monitoring and observation. An ultrasound every six months, a complete checkup every three years, 8 biopsies in 10 years, FNAC (Fine –needle aspiration cytology- a diagnostic procedure used to investigate lumps or masses under the skin)

But I was fine, or I appeared so to the world but I wasn’t anywhere near being sane and normal. As a result of these emotional issues I started feeling hollow inside and tried to make myself feel better by gorging on food. The temporary satiation helped me feel good for a while and to keep this feeling permanent, I started binge-eating. As long as the sweets and the savory snacks made me feel happy and stress-free, I was okay. This emotional over-eating led to my excessive weight gain; I went from sixty-eight to eighty kg in four years.

The final blow came when I turned fifty and my heels started hurting. Another specialist was added to the list of doctors treating me. Along with the Endocrinologist and Gynecologist there was now an orthopedic surgeon I had to go visit . He diagnosed my condition as plantar fasciitis I was given some pills to dull the pain and was advised steroid injections in my heel to give me the desired relief but before I could go for this scary treatment I was back in Peri-menopausal stage from Post-menopausal, after a long and deceiving gap of fourteen months.

The gynecologist suggested an ultrasound of the pelvis, a mammogram and blood tests. The ultrasound revealed a lesion in the lower uterine wall and the mammogram showed a lymph node in the left breast. A Pap smear test was added to the list to check for malignancy. My doctor referred me to the Oncologist for further investigations. The casual reference to this deadly disease and the matter of fact way they spoke in made me feel even more scared. I was a mess before the consultation with the Oncologist and didn’t want to go into his consulting room, ever.

My husband had to literally push me into the room when my name was called as I was rooted to the spot. The doctor understood my fear and spoke reassuringly about the findings of the mammogram report. He didn’t find the lymph node alarming and dismissed it for the moment but asked me to come for a follow-up visit after six months. He also told me that I was at risk because of my weight and that I needed to lose some ASAP :)

I thanked him profusely and ran out of his cabin, while making mental note to join a yoga class and try to lose some weight. I did join a class and am keeping my fingers crossed that after six months when I go to my doctor, he tells me that all is well.

Until then, I meditate and heal :)

meditationBy Sulekha Rawat

World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day, we all know what kindness means and what we can do to make others feel happy and good.When we help others, we feel good too. I loved the kindness ideas shared on this site http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas

KindnessI was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 10 odd years ago and am a regular at the hospital for my routine blood tests and ultrasound of the thyroid gland to keep a check on the multiple nodules present within my thyroid gland. I go through this procedure twice a year, now after 10 years I don’t fear the test results. I know all will be okay as long as I am regular in my hospital visits and checkups; life is too short to be wasted worrying and fretting.

Today was no different; I sat in the waiting room and observed the patients walking by my chair. I love watching people and making up stories in my head about their lives, what they do and what they are like. Just as I was getting warmed up and ready to write a story in my head about two women complaining about their doctors, the lady next to me happened to look my way. I smiled at her; I like breaking the ice with a smile, she smiled back although hesitatingly.

I made polite talk with her, told her I was there for my routine check up and asked her if she was also suffering from hypothyroidism. She started telling me about her ear-ache and one thing led to another, before I knew it she had told me all about her husband’s death nearly twenty years ago. What she said after that made me realize the importance of listening to others. She confessed that she had never spoken about her past with anybody in all these years, “I don’t know how and why I am telling you all this”, she said. All I did throughout our conversation was listen; I gave her my complete attention and let her talk to her heart’s content. I guess we all need someone who doesn’t judge or interrupt us but just listens. Also speaking with strangers is easier than with friends and family members.

After she bid me a smiling goodbye I walked into the doctor’s room for my appointment, my date with strangers wasn’t over yet. A middle-aged couple walked in looking very stressed, the lady requested me to let her jump the queue and meet the doctor as she was concerned about her husband’s health. Even though I had been waiting for nearly an hour and a half, I let her go ahead of me to meet the doctor. Why? You ask me?… because she looked really worried and also because when I see an old couple, I am reminded of my parents. The couple apologized profusely while exiting the doctor’s cabin and thanked me for letting them speak to the doctor and allay their fears.

Both these instances made me realize one thing, I felt good afterwards; I wasn’t bitter or angry but happy to have helped those in need, in whatever negligible way I could, I felt good.

I don’t think I was being kind, I was just being human. Maybe when I become old, I might be seated next to someone who would be interested in my story. Maybe they’d get to hear about my battle with hypothyroidism, multi nodular growth in my thyroid gland and my fear of needle biopsies.


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By Sulekha Rawat


This Wednesday prompt at Write Tribe is a quote on Creativity: write a post inspired by this quote

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties ~ Erich Fromm

I loved reading the 20 amazing creativity quotes at Write Tribe and have written a few of my own in this post :)

20141020_184050Creativity nurtures souls

Ignites minds

Charms the hearts of millions

Who witness it – Lucks

MiracleThere was a young woman who had a hard time concentrating on what was happening in her life because her head was forever in the clouds. She felt more real in her dream world than in the physical one she resided in. When she wrote about her fantasy land, she was diagnosed with a deadly disease, Creativity.

GrowingCreativity cannot be hidden, stolen or damaged by insensitive people. It keeps growing in the face of adversity – Lucks

Creativity teaches us to make our own impressions of the world. The sky need not always be blue or gray. It might look better, green and the water, pink. The burning rain could spurt out of the ground and reach up for the purple clouds, the sea-bed could be the sea-roof and vice versa.

Maybe the roots of the blue trees could blossom and grow on the top most branches and the black flowers be buried deep in the soil. May the one-eyed artists write with their five hands and smell the perfume of the rooting roots with their couple of noses :)

CreativityCreativity raises its eccentric head when someone challenges the easygoing artist with mundane tasks – Lucks

By Sulekha Rawat aka Lucks

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Book Review – Social Potpourri – An Anthology II

Book Review of Social Potpourri – An Anthology II

Title: Social Potpourri – An Anthology II

Authors: Arvind Passey, Bushra Alvi, Dayeeta, Deviyani Pathak, Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan, Joslyne Decker, Meenakshi M Singh, Namrata, Nupur Govila, Prachi Priyanka, Priscilla Prerna Rai, Rishabh Malik, Ron Reed, Sukhvinder Kaur, Sulekha Rawat, Tapas Mukherjee, Willow Rose

Publishing Facilitation:AuthorsUpFront

ISBN No:9789384439064

Price: INR 260/- (Paperback)

Book Blurb -

Social Potpourri continues to promote new and talented authors by providing them a platform for showcasing their creativity. This is our second anthology of short stories and poems with contributions by some very fine writers in their own right. With Anthology II, we have brought yet another group of unnoticed yet brilliant writers to you. The hopes, aspirations, thoughts and emotions, of the writers of this anthology will move you beyond words. When you open this book and turn the pages, you will see their flights of imagination take wing.
We dedicate this book to our dear friend, Lona Pradhan, her memory lives on.
Lona PicsBook Review -

I am thrilled to share the review of our new book, this is the second book by members of our website, www.socialpotpourri.com ( Co-Founders Kriti Mukherjee and Sulekha Rawat). The first book was titled; Social Potpourri – An Anthology

Social Potpourri – An Anthology II is a brilliant collection of inspirational and humorous short stories and soulful poems by Social Potpourrians. Each and every story and poem in this book makes its way into the heart of the reader with interesting plots and memorable characters: their sensitivity and complexity and the heights and depths of their emotions. My humorous story is also included in this anthology. We are so proud to present this collection of short stories and poems to you.

The poems are an interesting mix of our versatile writers’ imaginations and reflections. They are about the interesting journey of life, perseverance and inner strength, traditions kept alive and old ways of life, the monotony of falling prey to destinies… and many other things.

The short stories stay with you for a long time, each one for a different reason:

The simple old man Sebas in the story, The Visit, reminds me of my grandfather, and ‘Chosen by the Infinite’ is a true to life account of Deepak’s cosmic pilgrimage into upper celestial worlds through transcendental meditation… Read all about these endearing characters and more in this anthology.

I love all the stories and poems in this book and give it a rating of 5.

Happy Reading :)

The ebook is available on -
US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OELQ0JG
India – https://www.amazon.in/dp/B00OELQ0JG
UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00OELQ0JG

Print and Ebooks in India

By Sulekha Rawat