How I overcame Writer’s Block

vcm_s_kf_repr_832x624My profile says, I am a writer, but can a writer not write and still be one? I believe in pacing myself while writing and have a few tried and tested tricks for overcoming the dreaded writer’s block, or so I thought until a few days back. I was wrong on so many levels that it would have been funny had I not been so miserable. My trusted companions, my words, had deserted me without a decent warning. I was a writer who couldn’t write and who just stared into space with vacant eyes, an aching heart and a troubled mind.

I tried everything in my book; took long walks, meditated, listened to music, read lots of books. The only thing on my list I couldn’t do was play with my pet, Sparky (a Dalmatian). She has been unwell for a while now and gets tired easily, her kidneys are badly affected and she is also anemic. It breaks my heart every-time I see her lying quietly when we give her the subcutaneous saline drip. We have been administering this to her daily, since January 2015. It was during this time that my son completed his graduation and left home for higher studies. It was a double whammy for me, Sparky’s illness and Kartik’s departure undid me completely.

We had to take Sparky to the Vet for her checkup at his clinic in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, and it takes more than an hour to get there by car. Sparky loves to sit by the open window and keeps her head out, ears flapping in the breeze, a huge smile on her face. Watching her enthusiasm and delight for such simple pleasures in life made me realize that if she could be positive and happy in-spite of all her medical problems, I had no reason to give up just because I was at a loss for words, temporarily.

vcm_s_kf_repr_832x624Sparky lifted her paw and let it rest on my forearm as if she understood my predicament, her tongue flicked out and licked my face. Just then the phone beeped, it was a whats app message from my son. He had done exceedingly well in his exams and had wanted to share his triumph with his silly old mom. I wrote back,‘I am so proud of you.’ As I looked into Sparky’s adoring eyes, twinkling with unconditional love, I wanted to write about her courage and drive and her brave attempts to fight the disease slowing her down. I re-read my son’s messages and wanted to make him proud of his mother too.

Sparky’s zest for life put the pieces of my crumbling creative process together again, and I was filled with new hope and energy. I wanted to share these and a whole lot of other emotions with my family, friends and the world. I was overwhelmed by the deluge of precious words welling up inside me, threatening to break the dam and burst out. The writer’s block had been blown away like cobwebs in the gust of strong winds. I was ready to write my masterpiece…

By Sulekha Rawat

My AtoZChallenge Theme Is Sparky


A to Z April Challenge 2015 Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge

Sparky sitting I love writing, blogging challenges make me a creative thinker and writer, A to Z Challenge is the greatest writing treat. I have participated in this challenge every year since 2012, three years of creative writing fun :)

This year I have a different theme, those who know me will understand my theme well. My pet dalmatian, Sparky, is eleven years old and has been unwell for a while now. Our last visit to the vet made us sit up and face facts, we are ready for any eventuality but it is not easy. As I write this, she is lying on bed next to me, weak and tired but happy to be with me.

atoz-theme-reveal-2015-660x4001This year I will be writing anecdotes about Sparky, her loving and generous nature, her naughtiness, likes and dislikes. This will be my way of reliving our moments together, we are doing everything in our power to keep us with us for some more time. She is a fighter, and miracles do happen.
So get ready to fall in love with my Sparky :)
I signed up for the A-Z April Challenge 2015, what about you?
Happy writing…

Silent Night

Wordy Wednesday #8

                             shadows                                                    Shadows of Silence

Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.


The dark shadows envelop not only his body but also his mind and soul. They have crept into every fiber of his being, making him a mute spectator to his own life. The day he had held his 12 year old grandson, Monu, in his arms, heard his son and daughter-in-law’s anguished screams and looked down at his blood soaked hands, his life had come undone, devoid of all color and sound.

He doesn’t remember going into Monu’s room, hitting him on the head with the grinding stone and killing him on the spot. Silent night weeps…

This Week: Phrase Prompt by Rajlakshmi Boruah, read her blog here

By Sulekha Rawat

International Women’s Day – Make It Happen


International Women's Day

The theme for this year’s Women’s Day is Make It Happen.

 A Poem on Women’s Day


Happy women’s day!

Are the women really happy?

What is happiness anyway?

This is the story of a nice girl.


She is a good student,

Docile daughter,

Protected by male members

Of her concerned family


Chaperoned everywhere she goes

Is told what to wear

How to Behave, whom to talk to

What kind of friends to make


She is married off to a suitable boy

Educated, rich and successful,

He may be, but that’s all

He is no prize, otherwise


His work pressures may necessitate,

His bashing her up from time to time

He needs an outlet to vent, let off steam

After all, he’s in a high-powered job


She won’t understand

Because she wasn’t given a chance to

She wasn’t allowed to work

After marriage into an affluent family


Her outstanding degrees gather dust

In the attic

Along with his mediocre diplomas

Paid for by daddy’s money.


A cut lip, bruised face

Barely discernible limp

Are overlooked by all

Her family included


For the greatest fear and shame for all

Is a married woman

Back at her parents’ house,

Disgraced and humiliated


She’s pushed back into

The coward’s den

(I refuse to call him a lion)

He who raises his hand at a woman

Is not a ‘Man’

He’s a sorry excuse

For a human being


The shackles are loosening

From the ankles and minds

The attics are aired

The degrees dusted


She is coming out

Of the shadows

Out into the light

Shining with pride


I want to wish all my sisters

A Happy Women’s Day

And that day is coming

I can see the change…


Sid Balachandran, an extremely creative and talented member of the BAR has designed this logo.



According to the International Women’s Day website -International Women's Day

‘Why purple?

From 1908, the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) in Great Britain adopted the colour scheme of purple, white and green to symbolise the plight of the Suffragettes. Purple symbolized justice and dignity – two values strongly associated with women’s equality. The three colours were used for banners, flags, rosettes and badges to show solidarity.’

Women's dayMy blog posts-

Why Women are the Stronger sex.

Happy Women’s Day Everyday

By Sulekha Rawat

You are Amazing!

                                                   WORLD COMPLIMENT DAY

Every year, March 1, is celebrated as World Compliment Day.

Thumbs up pic in MalaysiaToday’s prompt from Write Tribe -

What is the best compliment you’ve received so far?

world compliment day

 “You are an inspiration to all of us. Pledging our organs is the best gift we can give to others, I admire you.”- Kartik

This is the best compliment I ever received, and that too from my beloved son, Kartik. He said this to me after reading my article on Organ Donation.

 The other compliment I remember clearly is by author, Rohit Gore. I had reviewed his book, The Guardian Angels. And since it was my first book review, imagine my surprise when I read this comment on my review, by the author himself!

To quote him – “Before you groan ‘not another review’, I just wanted to say that this one by Sulekha Rawat is one of the loveliest and the most heartwarming reviews THE GUARDIAN ANGELS has got. 
I know I have said this a million times, but I am overwhelmed and I will be eternally thankful to so many reviewers who, much to my relief have never panned it, have championed this novel and cared to give it space on their blogs.”` Rohit Gore 

Let us go and give compliments to at least five people today, or everyday, starting today :)

Thank you for reading my article, You are wonderful.

By Sulekha Rawat

A Mother’s Concern

                          Picture Prompt For The Wordy Wednesday at the B-A-R

This week’s prompt comes from the amazing storyteller and blogger Sid Balachandran


Oh no! Look at little Chip lick food off the floor. Why can’t he be like Mrs Orangutan’s son, Godzy; who sits at the table and eats his food, like a gentleman. He knows the right forks to use for the different dishes kept in front of him, he even uses the napkin to wipe his mouth after he finishes eating his meals. Mrs O is so lucky, and now look at me and my nutty son!

Here we are by the window grill of the Iyers, I can smell the filter coffee being prepared by Malini Iyer. Wish I could go in and ask her for a cup, it would wash down this corn so well. I wonder if she would also be kind enough to give a glass of milk for Chip, he is a growing boy and needs all the calcium he can get. A mother never stops worrying about her children, be it a human mom or a haplorhini one :)

By Sulekha Rawat


Linking it to the  Wordy Wednesday #6 at B-A-R and #Blogging #Tip




Joy and woe are woven fine,
A clothing for the soul divine.
Under every grief and pine
Runs a joy with silken twine.
~William Blake (1757-1827), “Auguries of Innocence”


I am drowning here

Holding on to the anchor

Pry my fingers loose.


Echoes in the dark

Piercing screams of anguished souls

Hands on ears, I sit.


Mahogany blues

Crimson whites of dull black eyes

The mad artist paints.


Losing you was tough

Forgot to breathe for a while

My anguish lives on.


Footsteps in the sand

Reminders of days gone by

Washed off by the waves.



Sulekha Rawat


Compassion Day Haiku

Today is 1000 Voices for Compassion Day!


Tears in their eyes

Their anguish and pain move you

Kind souls wipe the tears.


An expensive car

with tinted windows, new wheels

No time for poor souls.


Healing touch of love

Makes life easier to face

Sharing is caring.


She’s not yet had lunch

Polishes off her tiffin,

Starving eyes envy.


Young voices scream out

But no one is listening

Where is the justice?


Let us all unite

Banish sorrow from the world

Make all faces smile

New Doc 32_1

 By Sulekha Rawat

Read how people practice compassion in real life

Written for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion, where bloggers all over the world are spreading the unanimous feeling of compassion. Link up at IndianAmericanMom

This is my contribution to the unique global movement called 1000 Voices for Compassion.  Today,  the 20th February 2015, over 1000 bloggers worldwide are publishing posts about compassion. It is an effort to spread goodness and compassion in a world torn by strife and violence.Linking this with #1000Speak, #1000 voices for compassion
- See more at:

A Sweet Gesture

I tried my hand at writing a children’s story and loved doing it :)

DecorA Sweet Gesture


Pinki tried to lick off the ice cream dripping down her hands and wrists but the strawberry ice cream bar she had in her hand had a mind of its own. She tried to hide it behind her back when she saw her mother charging towards her.

“Pinki, how many times have I told you not to eat ice-cream when you are wearing white? Your uniform will have pink stains now, couldn’t you wait till you changed out of your uniform before attacking the ice-cream?”

“But mummy, I was hungry”, Pinki wailed before running towards her grandfather’s room, he understood her so well.

“Let the child be”, said the kind old grandpa smilingly. “She is just a child and every kid loves ice-cream”

“Dad, everyday it is the same story, she is out of control. Her obsession with ice-cream is becoming too much to handle.”

“Nonsense, you were exactly like her when you were her age. Pinki is a good kid, you need to relax and enjoy her childhood. She won’t remain 5 years old for long, time flies, and before you know it she will be all grown up and going off to college.”

Pinki’s mother gave her father an exasperated look and stomped off to the kitchen, her rigid shoulders and measured walk mirroring her displeasure.

Next day, Pinki got off the school bus and hurried towards the ice-cream vendor standing a few feet away, the ten rupee note in her pocket was itching to come out and be with the rest of his brothers and sisters in the vendor’s money box.

As she was nearing the Ice-cream cart, she spied an old man raking leaves along the side of the road. He reminded her of her grandpa, but this man was sweating under the hot sun and doing back-breaking work. Pinki took the ten rupee note out of her pocket and gave it to the old man by the road; he flashed a toothless smile of gratitude and blessed her.

Pinki’s mother and grandpa stood watching this exchange between the little girl and the old man, with love and pride shining in their eyes.

Valentine’s Day Never Ends.

with loveThis Week: Phrase Prompt

Love for all seasons

This week’s prompt comes from not one but three B-A-R members:

Shalini Nair, Sheethal Susan Jacob and Sulekha Rawat

A minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

Love for all seasons

He loved her when she was sixteen

Sixty summers later

His love for her didn’t falter

He still felt like he did then


In sickness and in health

They had promised to be true

To each other, come what may

Love their only wealth


One sad day he broke his vow

Pulled his hand out of hers

She stood achingly forlorn

Frozen with fear and sorrow


Her heart and mind shattered

Outwardly she was intact

Her eyes though dry, burned

There was nothing left that mattered


He, who went away without a goodbye,

Lingers on her mind, day and night

Why did they have to part so soon?

Her hurting soul seeks to know, why?

By Sulekha Rawat


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