A Silent Home



Coming home to an empty house is so heartbreaking! The emptiness engulfs you in its lonely fold, smothering you and you don’t even make an attempt to come up for air.
There used to be a precious angel who lived for your smiles and rejoiced at your coming home, who is no more with you. Her absence cuts through your heart and you long for the unconditional and unadulterated shower of affection on your hungry soul. The only thing you can do is hug her essence contained in the urn kept in the cabinet. Your loud tears intermingle with her silent ashes and the touch of her lifeless remains help you to go on living until you meet again at the rainbow bridge.


By Sulekha Rawat


Haiku – Today I Will Dream…

 Today’s prompt:  Today I will……….

We celebrated our 69th Independence Day yesterday on 15th August 2015 and my haiku are also all about freedom and liberty.

Today I WillToday I will dream

Of a happy place on earth

My country, my land.



Today I will sing

Unafraid and unrestrained

Freedom is my right.



Today I will meet

Life headlong, march on ahead

Liberty is mine.



Today I will not

Bow down to terror and hide

Bravery is I.



Today I will vow

No one is above the law

Justice is not blind.



Today I will wish

My mind remembers you all

Unsung, brave, heroes.



Today I will sow

The seeds of truth and valor

For the youth to reap.



Today I will live

Feeling safe as you are there

Guarding our borders.


#100WordsonSaturday 1 August 2015



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By Sulekha Rawat



Frayed Figment

Poetry is on my mind, all the time :)

Hence this poem for #Mondaymusings

20150622_192427 I see you in my head

And sometimes by my bed

Your eyes speak volumes

But your lips, forever silent.


My fractured dreams and

Ruptured fantasies, plunge

my mind in insipid creaminess

Of unpleasant ashen realities.


Can hear your whispering breath

Engulfs my heart in its silken web

At last, our eager souls embrace

The Coffin shuts on my smiling face.


By Sulekha Rawat

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Book Review – Gone Girl

Book Review – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

.Book Review of GG

Book Title  :Gone Girl                                                                                                             Author        :Gillian Flynn

The Book in brief

Five years into his marriage, Nick Dunne finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation. The victim is his beautiful and amazing wife, Amy. The needle of suspicion points at the husband when his wife disappears on their wedding anniversary; especially after her incriminating personal diary is found hidden in a nook. The whole town believes Nick to be guilty of being involved in her disappearance and possible murder, even though he denies it, and appears to be cooperating in looking for her with the police and the public. What goes against him is that he looks like he is hiding something; is he a killer? Where is Amy’s body? Will they ever find her and bring her killer to justice?

Read the complete book review at the Storytellers on SP

By Sulekha Rawat

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Saturday Story

#100WordsonSaturday 1 August 2015

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

Today’s prompt: Use this start to continue a story : I noticed the old man sitting on a park bench sobbing his eyes out….


I noticed the old man sitting on a park bench sobbing his eyes out. He held a paper in his hands, as I drew closer I read the word, cancer, and knew I was at the right place; he was going with me today.


He took out a photograph from his wallet and kissed it. I leaned forward to get a better look at it and found myself staring at my picture from last year. It was taken on the fateful day of my accident.


I held out my hand and whispered, “Papa, I’ve come to take you with me.”


By Sulekha Rawat

Friendship Day Haiku.

Haiku on Friendship Day

You and I are friends

Our bond is unbreakable

Always on my mind


Innocent childhood

Bring young smiles on my old face

Oh time, take me back


A promise to love

Help, support and encourage

Friendship is a gift.


Teardrop on my cheek

Reminds me you are still gone

Missing my lost friend.


By Sulekha Rawat

I Will Never Forgive


I will never forgive.



The Sea smiles, mockingly, slow
Somewhere buried in its depths,
Lies a forgotten love
The waves beg for forgiveness
Their repentance, insincere
Their entreaty a shocking blow

The frothy waves had beckoned
Tantalisingly , willed us in
I was spared, or was I?
His coffin, the sea bed had become
My wails went unheard
His gasps, I can still vividly hear

Now I stand by the shore
Daring the white monsters
Take me with you, at least try
My fury masks my heartache
For the dam once broken
Will drown me under its waves.


Sulekha Rawat



My Angel

Wordy Wednesday Prompt

Her fairy tale


She lived on this earth for a short time, a mere 11.5 years to be precise. Our entreaties didn’t change her destiny and ours too, we stood mutely and watched her go. The universe ignored our pleas, rejected our humble requests to let her stay with us for some more time. We still had a lot of things to do, play catch, go for long drives, be each other’s support and strength but time was not on our side.

Our little princess rode away into the sunset, alone. We were left holding on to her sweet memories. Her fairy tale ended before we could bid her a final goodbye, our unsaid words haunt us. We pray that she is in a good place and her soul is at peace, RIP Sparky.


This Week: Phrase Prompt

Her fairy tale

This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger,

Nibha Gupta, who blogs here.

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A Garden For You.

SLike waves crashing on to the shore, your memories hit me with their fierce force at times and make me stumble under their unexpected onslaught. Though the frequency has lessened, the intensity has not. There are periods of times I happily go about my daily routine and then there are those dark moments that cast a shadow on everything bright, plunging the sun into the sea at noon. I dread this blackness, the sheer nothingness of it chokes me and I forget to breathe for a while.

The finality of your going away hits me, knowing there is no way you will be back with me in this lifetime scares me, makes me realize the severity of my loss and I can feel my heart sink to the bottom of my rib cage, collapsing with grief, deflated like a balloon with a tear.

I find your pretty white hair on the keyboard of my laptop you used to love scratching with your sharp nails and I forget to type. Walking into a room, I spy your favorite toy, the one your Didi had wanted to put with you in the incinerator but the man at the cemetery had refused citing some excuse and I can’t stop my tears from flowing down my cheeks.

Listening to the song that was playing on the radio during your last car ride to the hospital brings a smile to my face because you were there with me when I had heard it last but it also breaks my heart. I missed you so much today that I could think of nothing else; I had to hold you in my arms one last time so I opened the urn and held your ashes in my hands. Forgive me for this intrusion but it did help the panic subside.

Since your going away, there have been a lot of waking hours, unaccounted for from my days. I sit down to read a book but after a couple of hours I look down at the unopened book in my lap and wonder what’s the matter with me, or is it the clock’s fault for racing ahead of me.

After a month’s mourning I have started going to the park for my walk, late in the evenings. The first day was bad, I could manage only 15 minutes of strolling but after a week it has increased to 25 minutes. I have made a furry friend in the park, his name is Brownie. I talk to him about you, my Sparky baby, and he listens. He sits next to me on the lawn and lets me scratch behind his ears and on top of his head.

1I have converted the balcony into a mini garden in your memory and have planted a few indoor plants in containers. I talk to them and tell them stories about you, they seem to enjoy them because my garden looks green, bright and cheerful. You have made a decent gardener out of me, I no longer have black thumbs :)

1095724443By Sulekha Rawat

Unheard Screams

2015-05-13_00.14.50 I opened my mouth to scream but couldn’t even manage to utter a weak moan; I just stood there staring at my baby’s open eyes. She looked frozen in time, like a still portrait. The iron grip on my heart kept squeezing, forcing me to take deep gulps of tortured breaths, my eyes fixed firmly on her unmoving form. I can’t describe that feeling, it was as if the world had suddenly been stripped of all life, I felt alone and terrified, afraid of living without her sweet face to come home to, her unconditional love to soothe my heart and her loving touch to heal my soul.

RIP Sparky, please don’t be mad at me for my unending scream, I am trying to stop :(

Miss you…

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Inderpreet Kaur Uppal, who blogs here.

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