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Now that you are gone
I seek search to no avail
The place I call home

Memories are real
How else could I see you both
Whenever I like.

Gone but not too far
By my side in a heartbeat
Though I can’t touch you.

Been alone for long
Life and death kept them apart
They reunited

He waited for her
14 years to be exact
Together at last.

Sunshine storm or rain
I miss you every season
Love has no reason

Start middle and end
You are my missing heartbeat
My incomplete poem.

There are no goodbyes
Life silently passes by
We mourn our loved ones.

2 thoughts on “INCOMPLETE ME

  1. Such a poignant poem. I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s comforting in a way to think of your parents together at last. Though they leave behind a heartbreakingly sad vaccum.

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