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Panting to help the dear ones and yet not knowing how, lest any voice bereave them… One who only said “I am sorry” helped me the most when father ceased — it was too soon for language. ~Emily Dickinson

These days, I can see

death hovering patiently.

Hope she unsees me.


A friend passed away.

Shocking news hit hard and deep.

There were no goodbyes.


I used to know him.

Bump into him every week.

Now he is no more.


Life is sad and strange.

Comes and goes as it pleases.

Mute spectators us.


When we lose loved ones.

Anguished cries deafen the skies.

Unbearable loss.


Grief cries and life shines on — and hope paints a rainbow. ~Terri Guillemets


  1. How well you have captured the loss of death in these short haikus, Sulekha. The void death leaves behind is heavier than eternity. Your words are hauntingly beautiful.

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