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Laugh Please :) #FridayReflections

I am linking my story to the prompt for #FridayReflections –‘Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine’ – Lord Byron

I have so much to say but am at a loss for words. Why do I feel this way? I remember a time when I needed sedatives to calm the hyperactive nerve in my brain, at least that is what the neurosurgeon told me was the case. One morning, in the year 1991, I had blacked out and fallen flat on the floor, face down, resulting in multiple hairline fractures in my jaw. I was pregnant with my second child and my mother was convinced the blacking out was due to my medical condition but the doctors were of a different opinion. They eyed my poor husband with suspicion because a broken jaw could easily have been the result of a perfectly aimed uppercut 🙂

The EEG graph showed the overactive nerve and my husband was absolved of all charges in the doctors’ eyes 🙂 I still remember his phone call from the hospital, ‘Honey, they found something in your EEG report, thank God ‘! He couldn’t handle any more accusing looks from the doctors and dentists we visited post my fall. The dentist wanted to wire my jaw shut for three months but my pregnancy didn’t allow for any anesthesia to be administered. The compromise reached was that I had to keep my mouth closed and a bandage kept my jaw shut; a tiny bandaged bow tied on my head completed the picture. I survived on a liquid diet for three months and all was fine after the bandage was removed. Although my chin looks a bit out of place on my face, but then a little imperfection makes for some interesting conversations, right?

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. ~Irish Proverb

I will not lie and tell you that I didn’t cry when it happened. I did, a lot. But after a few days, I was resigned to the fact that I needed to keep my jaw immobile for 3 months and talk with my teeth clenched, drink liquids through straws and hope the baby growing in my tummy was fine and healthy. I learnt to smile through my pain and even joke about my bandaged look. I had two options, either to curse fate and cry and lament over my condition or make light of the situation and crack jokes to lighten the somber mood of my family members. They treated me like a fragile thing, eager to help in any which way they could. My daughter was two years old and wasn’t aware of the gravity of the situation but still was considerate enough to hug me gently to avoid hitting her head on my jaw. Bless her gentleness.

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. ~Arnold Glasow

Okay, why did I tell you all this? Oh Yes, dearth of words to express my feelings and thoughts 🙂 To continue my story – My husband has been very protective of me ever since this incident and has pampered me for the past thirty odd years (we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this April). He still makes the bed tea for us, bless him. My daughter and son are equally considerate of their mum. We believe in the saying- The family that laughs together, eats together, plays together; stays together.

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22 thoughts on “Laugh Please :) #FridayReflections

  1. Not being able to talk for three whole months would be torture. That you did it without complaining is amazing. I love your positivity Sulekha and of course the love and warmth of your family. I’ve said that before, haven’t I?

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this incident. I so appreciate how you can so calmly reflect on that time and point out the good that came from this experience – the bonding that it created and the love and care that helped you heal. And yes, laughter is the cheapest medicine as they say 🙂 So keep laughing, Sulekha and keep spreading the joy that you do with your cheerful smile 🙂

      1. Life has been keeping me busy elsewhere and away from blogging world 🙂 Thanks for asking. But I keep seeing your beautiful smiling photos on FB off and on! I hope to become a bit more active on the blog scene in 2018!

  3. Haha… This is a lovely anecdote, especially considering it starts from a moment of pain. And yes, as an anaesthesiologist i was immediately considering the options for anaesthesia in my head even while reading the post.

  4. Roshan, can you believe the dentist tried to do the procedure without anesthesia. He put the wire through my gums and pulled, the pain was excruciating and I had tears in my eyes. We walked out of there with the dentist’s disapproval boring a hole in my back 🙂

  5. Oh dear Lord! I can’t even imagine! Love your positivity, Sulekha and the love and care of your family. Stay happy. Stay blessed. Thanks for joining #FridayReflections

  6. OMG- what a terrible ordeal when you were preggers. It must be devastating to be in so much pain and worry about the baby too. Hats off to your courage and your family’s resilience for handling this so so well!
    I always thought your chin looks determined; now I know why 😉
    Hugs Su!

  7. OH MY GOD! That incident must have been so traumatic for you Sulekha. I was so glad to read that you had your husbands.full support during those hard times. That you found a reason to laugh through those tough times is in itself stupendous. Respect Stay happy and keep laughing through the small and big events in life. God bless.

  8. Love of our family always help us heal faster. It’s really wonderful and inspiring on your part to narrate this incident with such positivity. Lovely picture there. Keep smiling! 🙂

  9. I’m sure with broken jaw you must have faced some tough moments. Having a good laugh is surely a good idea and for that you need good friends.

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