Happy New Year #WednesdayVerses

As I bid goodbye

To the outgoing year

I smiled but with a sigh

And wiped a silent tear


So many memories it had

Of loved ones, far and near

Watching it go made me sad

I bravely quelled my fear


Unkept resolutions rankle

Smirk, mock and jeer

Dead weights on the ankle

Best to steer clear


The New Year is a mystery

I hope to unravel eagerly

I will write a new story

Look forward to it happily


By Sulekha Rawat

Linking my poem to the weekly prompt at Wednesday Verses
Prompt #1 is Resolutions in a verse.

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year #WednesdayVerses

  1. The New Year is definitely a mystery 🙂 as we slowly turn its pages. Here’s hoping it will be even better than last year. Beautifully penned.

  2. This was lovely, Sulekha! True, as I too looked back at the year that passed by, I mourned at the losses I faced and smiled at the love I found, the happiness that sailed into my life. And, some days ago, when I welcomed the new year, I wondered what it would bring along!
    You captured our thoughts so well…each one of us must have experienced these emotions on the new year’s eve!

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