See You Soon

Craning her neck, desperately

She tries to get another glimpse

Of his swiftly retreating form

Waves cheerily when he looks back


The brightly lit corridors and halls

Fail to light up her dimmed soul

Her sunshine is walking away

Going off to new and distant lands.


She clung to her baby momentarily

Before releasing him from her embrace

Truth be told, sheโ€™d wanted to hold on

Keep him from moving away from home.


The tears had been kept at bay

Sobs silenced, warned to do so

Motherโ€™s heart steeled to smile

And wave a happy goodbye.


The toughest ask of a mother

Letting her children venture far

To pursue their dreams and goals

Without displaying her inherent fears.


She wished him a loving good-bye

With trembling lips and an aching heart

Prayed he enjoys his life in a new place

But remembers to call home too .


Driving back from the airport

She starts counting days and months

Until the family can be together again

Hope lights up her face and she smiles.


ย By Sulekha Rawat

17 thoughts on “See You Soon

    1. Vishal, thank you for your visit and comment.A mother holds the home together, one kid at home and the other away makes it tough. The sweet and undemanding hubby offers to help but life is complex ๐Ÿ™‚ Visiting the son for brief periods is the ideal solution.

  1. Awww my mom is so bad at goodbyes… She would shoo us away and then go cry in the kitchen. It’s hard to say goodbyes… Hard for both kids and the parents. You described the sadness so brilliantly with your words.

  2. Aww! You have expressed the love and pain of a mother so beautifully, Sulekha. It touched me to the core. A big hug to you dear friend!!

    1. Aditi, I can imagine. We all are brave to stay away from loved ones but we are connected emotionally. The love keeps us strong and the anticipation of meeting them, hopeful ๐Ÿ™‚

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